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  Sketch 22:41 25 Mar 2003


I have changed the name of the 'My Documents' folder on my drive.

I now want to change the name of the shortcut that points to it in Start/Documents/My Documents.

I thought that being a shortcut to another folder I would be able to right click, rename.... however this is not the case.

Also I changed the names of 'My Music' etc, but they keep appearing again even though the original folder was still there but with a different name. How do I stop Windows from doing that. The folders that are put back on my system are always empty, so it is unlikely that a program of some kind is saving to it.



  Switcher 22:56 25 Mar 2003

To create a shortcut to the "differently named" My documents folder find the folder in windows explorer right click drag and drop onto desktop and select create shortcut.

  Eagie 23:54 25 Mar 2003

As far as the 'My Documents' query goes, when I renamed the 'My Documents' icon on the desktop it also changed its entry in the start/documents menu.

I am using XP if that makes any difference. Also when I changed the name on the desktop and went to it in the start menu, when I right clicked I was given extra options of 'restore desktop icons' and 'save desktop icons'. I did press these so that may have something to do with it.

Sorry, I am not more certain!

  internetevil 00:18 26 Mar 2003

if you right click on my computer and go to propoties at the bottom (left click). you will see it says "target" change that to your new folder that is to act as my docs

  User-312386 08:35 26 Mar 2003

create a shortcut for newly named folder

go to start>run type sendto and a folder will appear

delete all folders(shortcuts) that are obselete and drag and drop the new shortcuts into the folder


  Sketch 20:37 26 Mar 2003

Er..... some of the advice above seems to point to different issues as to what i'm having.

All except 'Eagie' who seemed to get it. Though. It would appear that doing as you have said does not work under 98SE. :-(

When I go to my 'Start' bar and head for 'Documents' I am presented with a list of recently opened documents and at the very top, a short-cut to 'My Documents'. It is this shortcut that I wish to change the name of.

I have tried right-click exploring the 'Start' bar but it only shows (and allows me to edit) the names and locations of items on my 'Program Files' branch-off.

Any furthur advice welcomed.

(Also how do you stop Windows from adding new 'My Music' etc... folders if you change the original names.)


  Eagie 20:41 26 Mar 2003

I'll have a play around with this problem when I get to work tomorrow (my office machine has windows 98) unless someone comes up with the answer first.


  Eagie 20:55 26 Mar 2003

I am sure there must be a windows tweak for this one. Have you tried Microsoft's Tweak UI?

If you haven't tried it yet you can down load it from: click here

  Sketch 21:33 26 Mar 2003

Yeah. I've tried using that app before. However it didn't run. And is now also stuck in my add/remove programs list which is what I originally got Tweak UI to help sort out in the first place!



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