My Documents?

  Legslip 19:12 08 Dec 2007

Why do Microsoft call the folder My Docs? Confusing..... Surely My Docs implies that the folder holds documents (praps Word Docs, PDF files etc) when in fact it holds My Mictures, My Music etc. Why don't they call it My Files or My Filing System and have My Docs, My Pics etc as sub-folders? Sure people would understand its use better.

  skidzy 19:17 08 Dec 2007

For some,its ease of use...not all know there way around a computer.

If its a major issue for you,rename the title.

  tullie 19:23 08 Dec 2007

I havent got an issue with the title,f you dont like it,rename it as Skidzy says

  SANTOS7 21:09 08 Dec 2007

click here

The term "My Documents," together with "My Computer," was first introduced in the Windows 95 operating system, as part of an effort to improve the sense of personal connection between the computer and its user. The folder, located at the root of the hard drive that Windows is installed on, was displayed directly on the user's desktop, making it easy for a user to find their files at any given time.

  skidzy 21:45 08 Dec 2007

Ello me ol mucker

Couldn't have put better myself :-))

Hope your bearing up ok :-))

  SANTOS7 21:48 08 Dec 2007

Hey skidz, yea me ol mate i'm fine, no more boulders for a minute,got a scan on tuesday so should find out then exactly whats going on..

Sorry legslip highjacked your thread, habit of ours...

  Legslip 09:52 10 Dec 2007 prob with the hijack. Glad you found one another again. Don't want to go to war over this, it's just that I have a job explaining to some peole that their pictures and music are stored in something called My Documents. Music isnt a document, or is it?
I just think it would be better called something like 'My Filing Cabinet' with relevant Document, Music & Pictures sub-folders. Just a personal opinion I suppose but I have set a few friends PC's up this way and they do find it easier to understand.

  SANTOS7 18:08 10 Dec 2007

Don't disagree with ya legslip, would be interesting to know what other members would call it if they where asked to rename it, not really sure abput mine yet..

  LimestoneRock 18:18 10 Dec 2007

I think, although I'm not certain, that they used Filing Cabinet in Windows 3.1

  Legslip 20:40 10 Dec 2007

Do you know I think your right. Mind you my memory is fading a bit. Think that was a better title. It's just that friends who are PC novices find My Docs with photos and music in a bit confusing. As Santos says, it would be interesting to hear a few other opinions.

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