My Docs & Favourites, problems

  pcbobby 15:02 30 Jul 2005

I have always been able to drag any of my most used ‘bookmarks’, to the top of the list in MY FAVOURITES panel. But now, when I restart or reboot the PC, the ‘favourites’ list returns to alphabetical order.
Also, I do not know if there is a connection, but now when I open MY DOCUMENT folder, I have to click the MAXIMISE tab, and use the VIEW tab to reset icon size etc.

Is there a way in which I can save these settings, so that they will not change when I restart the PC?

The OS is Win 98SE

  rawprawn 15:16 30 Jul 2005

Do you have aprogram such as Tweakui where you can set defaults to "Arrange Favourites in alphabetical order" there are lots of programs that will set the view automatically.

  pcbobby 15:51 30 Jul 2005

Thank you rawprawn.
On advice recently from 'woodchip', I installed Tweakui, for another problem.
I did not think of using it in regard to this problem.
I will have a go and come back.

  pcbobby 16:30 30 Jul 2005

I have checked all the tabs on Tweaku1, and cannot find a facility for altering Favourite settings.

  ade.h 16:38 30 Jul 2005

It doesn't have one. Have you tried FavOrg? It's in the Downloads section, I think.

  ade.h 16:41 30 Jul 2005

Scratch that. FavOrg doesn't do what you need it to. I suggest a Google search; there are a million and one free utilities out there and one of them must be able to take control of favourites.

  pcbobby 16:42 30 Jul 2005

Thanks, I shall have look to see.

  rawprawn 16:59 30 Jul 2005

Sorry, I thought Tweakui did . I have a program called Tune up utilities which does and I am sure there are many others. I thought it was just worth checking that it wasn't something simple like that.

  rawprawn 17:04 30 Jul 2005

If you click on Favourites/Organise Favourites/ then a Folder and drag your favourite web page to the top of that folder list then close, does that stay at the top?

  pcbobby 20:50 30 Jul 2005

I did try as you suggested - But no joy

  pcbobby 21:05 30 Jul 2005

Problem solved!
Yesterday, I checked the ADVANCED section of CCLEANER.
Today, I had no idea that it was resetting all my manual settings on outoclean!
I have now unchecked it, and my manual settings are back to normal.

Perhaps a lesson for other novices like myself!
Thank you to everyone for their contributions.

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