My desktop PC seems to have died!!

  geek84 15:32 30 Dec 2009

Last night the electricity for the whole of my street went out but fortunately came back this morning.

When it came back, my 10 year old desk top together with the printer went on automatically. I managed to switch off my printer but instead of logging out of my PC, I just pressed the off button on the tower & held it for a few seconds. It usually turns off like that, but instead on this occasion it caused a slight bang. There was no smoke or anything, but after I tried to put it on, the monitor worked ok as well as the printer, but my tower does not do anything when I switch it on. Does that mean it has died and all the work that I have saved on my desk top etc has been lost? Do you think it would be best if I get it repaired, considering it is 10 years old.

Thanks in advance for your advice.

  tullie 16:40 30 Dec 2009

If its the end of the road for your pc,get a caddy for the hard drive and plug it into the new one by usb.Im sure others with the knowledge can advise you regarding your pc being dead.

  Diemmess 16:51 30 Dec 2009

Most likely, the pop was an exploding electrolytic capacitor in the PSU.
If it occurred in the Power Supply Unit, it is relatively cheap and easy to replace this unit.

Much less likely it could have been a similar device in the motherboard and in practical terms that would be the end of a PC of that age.

Either way, do as tullie said, remove the HD from the desktop and try it (if you know how) in another computer, or buy a case for the drive and use its USB connection to another computer.

It is not unknown for the HD to be part of the damage, but it is very very unlikely and with a little luck all your efforts are still there on the HD.

  ame 21:36 30 Dec 2009

Looks like you'll be needing the previous here No luck :(

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