SANAP 13:06 09 Nov 2004

Just came back from town to find my monitor has gone funny, when I look at it it has dark hOrizontal lines and each alternate line is darker than the other. It also has a greyish tinge and the image is no longer pencil sharp. I powered off and re-booted, did a deguase, disconnected and re-connected video lead, all to no avail. It is a DELL 17" P790 trinitron ie flat screen, 5 years old and never played up until now.

Is there any other checks I can do or is it on the way out?

Using an NVIDIA GEFORCE 256 graphics card, with WIN98SE.

  Gongoozler 13:19 09 Nov 2004

Hi SANAP. This sounds bad. If you can try the monitor on another computer, or another monitor on your computer you can confirm whether this is a monitor or graphics card problem, but the defocussing of the picture means that this is almost certainly a monitor problem. Monitors are generally not economically repairable. You can get a very nice flat screen CRT monitor for £80.49 inc VAT click here

  SANAP 13:31 09 Nov 2004

thanks for quick response, i do have another monitor to try and that link was useful as well. I might get me a mitsubishi diamond pro but this one has been really good, so hope i can fix it, mond u 5 years is not bad i suppose, i may look for same type on ebay.

i will report back whether i fix it or no.


  Gongoozler 14:13 09 Nov 2004

Hi SANAP. My monitor is a Mitsubishi Diamond Pro 720, about 4 years old. I've been very pleased with it. I recently bought my son a CTX EX701F and have to admit that at about half the price the picture is nearly as good.

There is very little that you can do to fix the monitor without removing the case, and if you do remove it, as well as mains voltage you are at risk of touching the EHT voltage which can be in excess of 25,000 volts even some time after you have switched off. If you are experienced with handling this kind of equipment, then good luck. If you're not suitable experienced then for the sake of under £100 it's not worth the risk.

  SANAP 15:46 09 Nov 2004

just tried another brand new monitor and it has the same fault so it is not the monitor,same symptons as on the first one. So that can mean the graphics card but is it as simple as just re-installing drivers or is the card on the way out now?

Just to repeat I have grey/black horizantal lines and it looks like every other line is grey/black.
Never come across this before.

Any help greatly appreciated.

This is not my day.


  SANAP 18:00 09 Nov 2004

Proved that monitor is OK, looked at video card and it looks as though the cooling fan has packed in but I dont know when. It is not spinning.

My problem now is what video card do I get to replace my NVIDA GEFORCE256, 32MB? It is a Pentium 700mhz. I will put in a separate post.


  Gongoozler 19:31 09 Nov 2004

Hi SANAP. If you want performance roughly on par with your Gforce 256, then for under £21 you can get a GeForce2 400MX 64M click here. I'm using this card, and unless you want to play fast 3D graphics games, this one will suit practically any need.

  SANAP 20:05 09 Nov 2004

Thanks gongoozler, just looked there and they ship to where I am for £5.00 surcharge, used to be £20. Because of the price I am thinking of getting the GeForce Nvidia Geforce FX5200 128MB TV-OUT/DVI as it has more memory. I watch the odd dvd but play no games. If the one u say is as good as the geforce 256 I will get that but if the one I like is that bit better I will go for that. The one I was going to get was a lot more and not compatible.


  Gongoozler 21:51 09 Nov 2004

Hi SANAP. I don't know the GeForce 256, but the GeForce2 400MX I'm using is running comfortably at 1024 x 768 pixels and 85Hz in 32Bit mode, it doesn't have a fan and I've used it to watch DVD. I understand that the GF2 was the follow-up to the GF256. The processor is clocked nearly twice as fast, and with double the RAM it should be significantly better.

The more expensive cards are really only needed for fast graphics rendering, but the GF FX5200 with TV-out could be useful if you have a suitable TV to view your DVDs on and 128M RAM must be a good thing.

  SANAP 12:40 12 Nov 2004

hi gongoozler, got the new card today, geforce 2 400mx, 64mb/64bit, did the install and bingo image on display is back to normal. I thought new card would be 128 bit but does it really matter and what is the differnce?

thanks for help.


  Gongoozler 16:32 12 Nov 2004

Hi SANAP. I'm pleased to see that you've got your pictures back to normal without having to spend too much money. The 64bit / 128bit refers to the memory bus interface click here. I don't really think it makes much difference except in graphics rendering for games.

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