My Dell Inspiron 2600 is running very slooow!!

  katielulu 14:37 25 Apr 2007

Wondering if anyone knows why my laptop might be running extra slow at the moment..i have alot of pictures saved on my laptop, could this be the reason? I have run ad-aware, AVG and deleted temporary internet files but not much has changed! has anyone got any suggestions? thanks for any help!

  Kate B 14:41 25 Apr 2007

Try scans with some more antimalware: Spybot, Windows Defender, A Squared and Superantispyware between them should find anything causing the machine to struggle.

  katielulu 14:48 25 Apr 2007

Ok. will do, cheers!

  wee eddie 14:49 25 Apr 2007

also: what proportion of the Hard Drive is full.

While we're at it: What part of the running has slowed most noticeably?

  katielulu 14:54 25 Apr 2007

I have 3.41gb free and there is 18.5gb in total(i think!). It takes the most time when opening programs and the programs are no-responsive quite often.

  wee eddie 15:17 25 Apr 2007

Your Hard Drive is almost full.

When your PC works normally it uses part of the Hard Drive as Virtual Memory. As a Hard Drive approaches capacity your PC is unable to use that Virtual Memory and so becomes slower.

What is the solution? If you have USB buy an External Hard Drive and put a lot of your pictures on it. You'll be able to access them in exactly the same way as you currently do when the External Drive is plugged in. Also you can stick it in your pocket and pop round to your brother's with all the photies.

  katielulu 15:21 25 Apr 2007

Ok eddie thanks for your help, i will try all that..btw how do u know i have a brother?!!! lol

  Totally-braindead 18:44 25 Apr 2007

Agree with wee eddie you're running out of space. As an alternative to an external hard drive, which is a handy thing to have anyway, assumming you have a CD or DVD writer burn any files you have and photos, music etc onto disks and once you are sure they are backed up, IE check the files are there, delete them from your PC. And look at what programs you have on your PC, if its anything like mine I'm sure theres lot of programs you never use so you can delete them. Also run Crapcleaner as it can free up a lot of space. Once done defrag the hard drive again.

  Totally-braindead 20:10 25 Apr 2007

Should have said, since this is in the Absolute Beginners Forum, if you delete a program use add/remove programs in control panel. If you delete a program any other way you might leave bits of it behind and subsequently be unable to remove them and cause other problems.

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