Is my Dell about to die?

  TW7heaven 09:44 04 Feb 2009

Hi - I have a 4/5 year old Dell 5000 desktop pc, running XP with service pack 3. I have avista anti virus and spybot etc installed.
My main problem is the fact that when I turn on the pc I sometimes get no start up screen and the fan is really noisy. other times it will go to start up screen and then just hang. Does this indicate that my PC is about to die or is there something i can do to save it. i have taken the side off and tried to remove dust near the fan. The problem with Dell machines is that everything seems to be hard wired in.
Any thoughts on what is the problem would be appreciated.

  jack 10:21 04 Feb 2009

We know a Dell can be different to most 'common' machines- but not that different.
Noisy Fan.
In addition to removing dust a little lubrication may required- on the boss of the fan there is usually a label, carefully lift this up and there is a little depression- a spot of 3 in1 oil or sewing machine oil[ NOT WD40] should to the trick
This applies to other fans too - Case Fans Video Card where fitted .

Hang up
A little housework here too.
Download free this program - CCleaner
Run it.
Restart the machine.
Now do this.
Come off line
Go to Start,Programs,Accessories, System tools, and click on De fragmentation Tool.
Once started, if never been carried out previously can be lengthy process, so walk away from the machine and let get on with it.
A mouse movement internet activity can cause it to stop.
Still in trouble?
Come Back for part 2

  TW7heaven 10:32 04 Feb 2009

Jack, thanks for the reply. i already have CCleaner running and used it the other day. I also have a full c drive ie 97% full, could this be the problem? I tried defragging but it wouldn't let me because there wasn't enough space on the drive.

  kidsis 11:09 04 Feb 2009

hard drives need at least 10% free, preferably more obviously. 97% full will cause issues, but can't say that is the cause of the symptoms you describe.
Certainly if you can get to your account, save as much as you can of your data, and if there are any programs you don't use/need uninstall them. re fan, have you tried Jack's advice?

  TW7heaven 11:57 04 Feb 2009

Thanks - I haven't tried oiling the fan yet.
Is it easy to add more memory to a dell? any help on that would be appreciated.

  jack 13:23 04 Feb 2009

Depends on the spec of the machine- so many Dells out there - go on line to click here
Download the free checking program and you will be informed if the machine can be 'upped' and how much.
Certainly your drive is over full and you will simply have to get rid of much of the content.

Transfer Data files [docs/images/Emails that you really must keep to a CD/DVD or invest in an external drive.
Look at all the programs[Control Panel/Add Remove] and get rid of all those you have added but not used in a while.
My primary drive [250Gb] is less then half used and I try to keep it that way by transferring off and/or getting rid of stuff.

  cream. 13:34 04 Feb 2009

Go to system restore and drop down the slider to just 1gb. Depending on the hard drive this should free up quite a bit of space. Some 5000's came with a 250Gb hard drive.

It could give you upto an extra 29Gb of hard drive space. This will give you some leeway to follow the other suggestions.

  TW7heaven 13:40 04 Feb 2009

Thanks for the suggestions. The pc is 80 gig hd and i actually have backed up all my pics with an external hard drive so could delete these. thanks for allthe help - I will try these and report back

  TW7heaven 13:48 19 Feb 2009

I was just going to close this thread after I transfered 10 gig of photos off the drive to give the c drive more space but I went to turn the pc on today and I have no start up screen. i just have a very noisy fan from the moment the power button is pressed. Any ideas on what has happened? I am better to cut my losses and get a new PC...although can't afford that at the moment?

  MAJ 15:31 19 Feb 2009

It's up to yourself TW7heaven, but it's probably not too difficult to fix. A new fan and a memory upgrade will probably cost less than £50. I assume the fan you mention is the CPU fan?

  TW7heaven 16:54 19 Feb 2009

The problem is I don't have a clue how to get a new fan/fit it or addmore there an idiots guide for dell 5000 pcs?

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