my d drive is full, cause of burning probs?

  thecatsmum 10:57 08 Nov 2006

please help!
i have a pioneer DVD-RW DVR-106D driver version 5.1.2535.0

due to dvd burning problems, ive looked at different things, and by doing so, i discovered that by looking at properties of d drive, it is completely full.
is this normal or ok?
i have tried burning some dvd`s using various burning software..and i keep getting error messages saying that either the disc is not recognised or corrupted file/please reinstall nero for example.
i have many times uninstalled and reinstalled but still get the same messages. ive also tried using different brand discs.
im confused as i can play/record cd`s, but can only play dvd`s and not record..i have previously burned dvds on here so something has gone wrong.

i wonder if its because the D drive is full?

  thecatsmum 11:12 08 Nov 2006

im using windows xp, firefox version
have 80gb hd, and 512 ram..just incase that helps!

any help would be much appreciated

kind regards

  stlucia 12:48 08 Nov 2006

The burning process usually requires some HDD space as a data buffer, but your error messages don't seem to be saying that's the problem.

But anyway, you must try and release some space before you go any further uninstalling and reinstalling software, for that process may not be going properly due to the lack of space.

  De Marcus™ 12:53 08 Nov 2006

You mentioned that when you looked at the properties od D: drive that it was full, is this the DVD rewriter or the hard drive?

  thecatsmum 16:53 08 Nov 2006

ok thanks people, but how do i release some space?

its the dvd drive that is full..if im correct in thinking that the c drive is the hard drive that is..

  Diemmess 17:00 08 Nov 2006

If you mean the DVD disk is full, this may be because the disk is being "finalised" when you burn it.
if so there's no more you can do with this one, but next disk you burn, choose "multisessional" recording which will allow you to add more files to it.

Finalising is only necessary when you want to play music or video back via a domestic DVD player.

  postie24 17:00 08 Nov 2006

Move some items off your to the to free up some space.Or in the burning software properties change the default setting to and see if you can burn then

  postie24 17:02 08 Nov 2006

Sorry thought you was talking bout the hard drive being full not the disc itself

  Pineman100 18:00 08 Nov 2006

As you can see, people are a bit confused about what your d: drive is.

Is it a hard drive, or is it an optical drive?

If the latter, then as Diemmess says, it's perfectly normal for Windows to see it as full when there's a finalised DVD or CD in it.

  thecatsmum 12:45 09 Nov 2006

okay.. when i click on the d drive, as in the cd drive, and go to properties, this is how it reads..

type; cd drive
file system; unknown

used space; 0 bytes
free space; 0 bytes

capacity; 0 bytes

and the pie style chart is all blue, which is representing the used space.

i havent actually been able to complete any burn process yet with nero as there is a fatal error message asking me to re-install nero..which i have done so more than a few times! ive also scanned everything for bugs or anything else harmful, and it comes out as clean.
i have tried cheap discs and not so cheap discs..driving me a little insane!!

thanks for helping me try to resolve this, i really am grateful.

  De Marcus™ 13:24 09 Nov 2006

The space your seeing as 'all blue' is perfectly normal.

The problem is obviously with nero, use the clean tool from click here or if your using version 7 from click here then proceed to reinstall your copy of Nero.

In the meantime if you could post a copy of the fatal error message and whether this is a nero message or blue screen, it might help.

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