My CTRL key produces:- ;o]9hfk

  indri 23:30 15 Mar 2004

On pressing the CTRL key, the above characters appear. The CAPS lock key is doing strange things as well.

Downloaded IE Service Pack 1 (it took several attempts) on Saturday (it's now Monday). All was ok before this, but can't be sure that it all started going wrong immediately afterwards.

Norton is bang up to date and have just finished a complete system scan which has come up clear.

And before anyone asks the inevitable (!), no I didn't back up the system before downloading the IE SP1 - I have 150 Gb of hard drives!

Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.

  wawadave 00:26 16 Mar 2004

if your useing m.e or xp use system restore.
with out any info from you its hard to give advice.

  Sir Radfordin 00:51 16 Mar 2004

You sure someone hasn't spilt something on the keyboard and not told you? See if you can get hold of a different keyboard and see what happens then.

  indri 01:11 16 Mar 2004

Thanks both.

wawadave: sorry, forgot to mention: XP Home. More info on System Restore would be appreciated.

And Sir Radforin: yes, did spill some coffee the other day, but that was on the number pad at the other end of the keyboard!

  anon1 09:21 16 Mar 2004

You ever looked under the key's? Liquid and keyboards do not mix. Try another keyboard. Forget system rstore at this popint but if you want to know more about it there is a wonderful help file on your computer click start then search then type your question

  Sir Radfordin 12:49 16 Mar 2004

Hate to tell you this but liquid has a nasty habit of not staying in one place. If you have spilt coffee on it then I'm fairly certain that it is going to be the problem. The coffee is likely to have damaged the PCB that the keyboard is build around. Time for a new one I expect.

  indri 22:56 16 Mar 2004

Thanks guys (including SANTOS7) for the helpful hints. I turned System Restore off a while ago (on the advice of a PCA contributor trying to resolve a previous problem which taxed my overloaded disc space!). So SR not an option. Still remain to be convinced on the keyboard front. Liquid (not much) went in over number keypad (far right) and problem is with two keys (far left). Have checked all keys far right and they're fine. Have checked all keys around CAPS LOCK and CTRL and they're fine as well. Just those two keys that are causing a problem. Will try keyboard replacement as soon as I can. Any other suggestions in the meantime would be welcome!

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