my crt monitor wont switch on, is it knackered?

  athenrye 22:22 07 Feb 2007

im on my sons computer
i switched my one on tonight, the cpu boots up but ive only got a light on the crt switch

the monitor has a very low green glow around the sides, when you switch it on and off it clinks a bit

dosnt look good, any ideas

im also looking to get a cheap 19" lcd monitor, how do i install this or are they plug and play and would my cpu recognise it straight away


  athenrye 22:27 07 Feb 2007

hi sorry to be a pest
can you explain the difference between a TFT and LCD monitors
i thought theu were the same

  big bloke66 22:40 07 Feb 2007

So did i !.

  Technotiger 22:43 07 Feb 2007

TFT and LCD are the same. CRT is the older type,
like TV's.

  lotvic 22:45 07 Feb 2007

All explained click here
TFT is a technology used in LCD screens.
TFT stands for Thin Film Transistor
All or most LCD's these days use TFT technology or an equivalent tech to get a better picture

  Wizards_Sleeve 22:46 07 Feb 2007

Do you have a line of display down one edge or along the bottom??

as for the TFT LCD bit, they are intrinsically the same, but different!! click here

  athenrye 22:51 07 Feb 2007

no nothing like that
just a very low light green glow.....


  woodchip 22:51 07 Feb 2007

How doyou know the Computer is starting, As lights on the front and fans running, does not mean it as booted up. To it give a Post Beep? when you boot

  Arnie 00:11 08 Feb 2007

Have you a graphics card in a PCI slot? If so, turn off the computer at the wall socket and remove and replace the card.

Also check that the CRT's cable lead is pushed well home into the card's input socket. Then retighten the two connecting thumb screws.
Other than that the tube may be lacking the full EHT voltage at its final anode cap.

  Stuartli 08:27 08 Feb 2007

Further to Arnie's last comment, under no circumstances make any attempt to mess around inside a CRT monitor (or TV for that matter).

Very high voltages are/can be involved, even when switched off.

Remember, you can't see electricity coming.....

  Diemmess 08:44 08 Feb 2007

Swap monitors with a friend, no need to worry about drivers.

If your's works on his or his on yours, that would settle it.

If you still cannot get a display from your computer then the fault lies inside your box.

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