my computers not listening

  Smiler 14:32 21 Aug 2004

I cannot access my e-mails through outlook or mailwasher. I have run the command netstat -an and there is no reference to the computer listening to ports 25 or 110. How do I get the computer to listen.

  hugh-265156 15:43 21 Aug 2004

has this problem just started to happen?

do you have a firewall? if so configure it to allow internet access for both mailwasher and outlook or outlook express etc. there should be a program control menu somewhere in your firewall software to allow you to set up which programs have access or not and its usually very straight forward to do this. you shouldnt have to open and close ports manually.

have you entered the correct pop and smtp server settings, user name and password in outlook and mailwasher account properties?

  Smiler 15:07 22 Aug 2004

I've tried all your suggestions I've run stinger, AVG & panda online antivirus. No viruses but ntlworld are still saying I have a virus they have blocked my email access using outlook or mailwasher. I can access using web mail on the ntl site. Internet access using netscape gives me a page saying I have a virus and to download stinger which I've done but no luck. I have even turned firewall & AVG off but still no access to mail or netscape. I can use IE to access internet which is what I am using now. I even tried usig a different computer to access e-mails but that one is blocked saying it has a virus. But all checks reveal nothing.

There is a thread here that I'm in contact with but still haven't had any luck.

  Smiler 15:15 22 Aug 2004

Sorry thread here click here

  hugh-265156 00:48 23 Aug 2004

'walled garden' never heard of it? i do use ntl though. click here

if you have updated and scanned with your av and run stinger and if they have both give you the all clear im not sure sorry.

i would phone ntl.

  winstonwolf 00:49 23 Aug 2004

my wife doesnt listen to me either , have you tried giving it a dirty look ?

  johnsims 07:37 23 Aug 2004

I would run one or two of the other on-line scanners just to be certain, but it seems you may have been the victim of a spoofed email address which was used to send a load of copies of Netsky (or whatever) and NTL have picked up on this and blocked you. I think you should phone them with the proof that your own AV plus a couple of on-line scans give you the all clear and ask them to reinstate you.

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