My computer Won't Turn On! - Help Me!

  cubeladd 14:21 28 Apr 2004

I was using my PC a couple of days ago when it suddenly turned off out of nowhere! When I tried to reboot it wouldn't switch on.

My main suspicion is that my computer has been overheating for a long time. I have been meaning to get it fixed but kept putting it off. The CPU temp starts off OK, but then quickly rises to 50-60 degrees. I'm not sure what it's supposed to be, but I know it's not supposed to be that hot!

I'm not really sure what caused it to overheat so much, as a couple of months ago it was fine. I haven't added any new hardware, but I have recieved a lot of errors and a massive system slowdown ever since I got the internet, which was about the time my system started overheating too.

Is there any way I can find out what's causing my computer not to turn on? It could be a blown fuse, but I don't know how to check.

Please let me know your advice.

  Xevious 14:36 28 Apr 2004

check your CPU fan to see if it's still working efficiently. ie check to see if it's working at all, and not ceased up maybe?

  cubeladd 14:39 28 Apr 2004

How can I check if my fan's working properly if my computer won't turn on?

  Xevious 14:42 28 Apr 2004

i must have mis-read your "The CPU temp starts off OK, but then quickly rises to 50-60 degrees"

so now it doesn't turn on at all? are there any lights on FDD or CD-ROM when you power up?

do the fans not even turn? might sound like a silly question but could determin if there is any power at all getting to the mobo...

  cubeladd 16:03 28 Apr 2004

no, Nothing happens at all. There is no evidence of power whatsoever :(

How would I determine whether power if getting to the motherboard and if it's not, how would I fix it?

  Xevious 16:08 28 Apr 2004

your PSU is dead. if there are no light to the cd-rom od FDD then that's about all you can do.

buy a new PSU for about £6.00 from click here (they're not the best but they'll do the job) and replace yours. it's really not difficult to do it

  matt1234 16:20 28 Apr 2004

all is not lost have you checked the fuse open the plug remove the panel betwen the 2 metal prongs and put a new one in if that dont work then something has gone

because your pc would have shut downed on its own to prevent damage unless you told it not to but i doubt you have done that

also take the case off your machine and see if the fan can move if not thats bust!

also my p4 2.8 will run happily and stay at 32c

also take it to your nearest pc store to see what they can see what wrong

  matt1234 16:20 28 Apr 2004

what cpu is it

  keith-236785 16:52 28 Apr 2004

My AMD Athlon 1800XP runs at 49-55ºC

depends on your proc and cooling system.

AMD procs have a maximum working temp of 93ºC (though i would be worried if mine went above 60.

  end 18:56 28 Apr 2004

from a novice; if the computer refuses to switch on per se...have you checked the fuse in the wall plug......i.e. is ANY power getting through at all...I know it may be stating the obvious , but,...

  Xevious 08:57 29 Apr 2004

you can buy a little PSU tester which will answer your questions too. get them for under a tenner, great tool to have, saving you time in buying and installing a PSU only to find out that's not the problem... :-)

http:// click here

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