My Computer Wont turn on

  07allenm 17:40 27 Mar 2007

Hi everyone,

I have just bought a new motherboard, graphics card and CPU fan after my computer went dead, it would turn on but nothing would show on the screen except the split second of BIOS but nothing else.
I fitted all the new parts myself today correctly and reffering back to instrucions to double check and now its even worse.
When i press the power button; Nothing!
its like turning it on if it wasnt plugged in, the only thing i get is a constant fast clicking sound from the PSU and a blinking LED on the LAN port on the new motherboard that is consistant with the clicking PSU.
But if i try the same PSU with another motherboard it starts up like its supposed to
So just wondering if anyone can help me PLEASE!

Foxconn SKT939 Nforce4-SLI chipset DDR400 Dual Gigabit LAN SATAII ATX Motherboard
Sapphire X1950Pro 256MB 256bit GDDR3 Dual DVI TVO HDCP PCI-E
Maxtor DiamondMax 250GB HDD
550W PSU
AMD X2 3800

  Gongoozler 17:56 27 Mar 2007

Disconnect EVERYTHING from the motherboard except the CPU with heatsink, PSU, power switch and case speaker. See if the computer then starts up as far as a POST error beep.

  Diemmess 17:56 27 Mar 2007

Perhaps it will be safer to disconnect all drives for the moment (HD, Optical and Floppy if fitted.
Make sure video card is safe home in the socket but remove any others. Make sure that at least one piece of RAM is in place too.

The BIOS screen you mention is not the BIOS but a visible display of the booting procedure prior to loading windows.

If you press the Delete key repeatedly from switch on, you should reach the BIOS screen on the monitor.

If you get that far then it is time exit BIOS (without changes) switch off again, replace the connections to say the Optical or HD, but one at a time until something goes haywire.

It may be an assembly fault or hardware, but stage by stage is the way I would test it.

  jimv7 18:05 27 Mar 2007

Does your board have the additional 4 pin connector, and have you connected it.

  07allenm 18:21 27 Mar 2007

hi, thaxs for getting back so fast but i have tried all of the things that you have suggested for me to do and i have had no luck :-(
No matter if i have anything connected to the motherboard or not the computer will not turn on at all. No lights, no booting, nothing, just as if the pc wasnt plugged in.
And my board does have the additional 4 pin connector.

  Gongoozler 19:16 27 Mar 2007

Check to make ABSOLUTELY sure you have connected the power switch correctly. You could even try using the reset switch temporarily as a power switch.

Check that the motherboard isn't shorting to the case, unscrew it from the case and place it on insulating material such as a sheet of card. If that doesn't help, remove the CMOS battery, leave it out for about 30 minutes before putting it back, then try again. Sometimes this is the only way to COMPLETELY reset the BIOS settings.

If that doesn't help, try removing and refitting the CPU heatsink just in case it wasn't seating properly.

If all that fails, then you have a faulty motherboard, CPU or PSU.

  I am Spartacus 19:55 27 Mar 2007

It's possible the BIOS reset jumper is in the reset position. Check the manual to confirm which pins it should be connected to.

  mosfet 20:05 27 Mar 2007

You have renewed all except cpu??? after pc went dead?

  07allenm 20:00 28 Mar 2007

Thank you everyone for helping, i fixed the problem, it was solved by turning the CPU fan around lol.

  woodchip 20:07 28 Mar 2007

Me thinks that the PSU as not got enough oomf

  woodchip 20:13 28 Mar 2007

I also think the clicking from the PSU is Self Protection switching it off

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