My computer woke up a different PC!

  canute44 17:15 21 Jun 2004

This morning when I started up my PC it had changed! There was no mouse operating and the screen was set at 640 X 480 by 16 colours. No amount of restarting it made any difference. Device Manager showed that there was a problem with the mouse port and the recommended solution was to re install Windows Me. Without the mouse I could find no way of accessing the screen resolution. I therefore re-installed Windows Me and regained the mouse, lost the System Restore points and appear to be stuck with the screen resolution and colours. No amount of telling the machine to re-set the resolution gets it to take effect. Referring to Device Manager I can find no other faults shown. I have tried my Norton Emergency start disk and this shows no errors. Any ideas where I go from here except to get professional help?

  bremner 17:17 21 Jun 2004

Have you tried reinstalling the graphic drivers?

  canute44 17:26 21 Jun 2004

Sorry to be so ignorant but how do I go about re-installing the graphic drivers?

  bremner 17:45 21 Jun 2004

Do you know the make / model of your card.

It would seem you currently only have the generic windows drivers installed. This is why you only have 640 x 480 and 16 colours.

If you do not have a seperate graphics card ie they are onboard the motherboard then the drivers are likely to be on a CD that came with the computer.

  Dorsai 17:49 21 Jun 2004

If you do not have a CD with them on, then post the make/model of your graphics card and someone will no doubt be able to point yo to the right place to download them.

if you don't know what card you have check on controll panel>system. it depends what OS you got as to where you go next though. the first screen that i see when i boot up my PC gives full details of my graphics card, model,memory, version etc. if you hit 'pause' when this is displayed you can copy it down. then press 'SysRq' to get things un-paused

  canute44 17:53 21 Jun 2004

Yes it appears to be a generic driver at the moment for some reason. If I go to Device Manager and look at properties of the appropriate driver for Nvidia Gforce 2MX it is listed as Windows not Nvidia. I have looked on the disk which came with the machine and allowing the machine to look for a better driver it comes up with four things which are .inf files. They have slightly different numbers in their names but otherwise nothing to identify one of them as being appropriate to my card. How do I know which one to choose, if any?

  bremner 18:00 21 Jun 2004

To be safe go to the NVidia site click here and download the latest for the card.

  canute44 18:40 21 Jun 2004

Very many thanks for your help! All has now returned to normal after following your advice and the advice given on the Nvidia site. After staring at 640 x480 everything looks minute now!

Many thanks!!

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