My Computer totally wiped my iPod

  MR.Oglethorpe 09:58 27 May 2009

Hi, ive checked on a lot of forums for a solution and i know this is not strictly about my computer, but i hope someone can help me out there. There are lots of similar problems solved regular but none quite like this.

I was on iTunes and it was uploading some artwork to a music album, it said "writing id3 tags" or something and then just froze. I tried to close iTunes but it wasnt responding so i clicked end now. I then shut down my Laptop correctly but when i turned on my ipod everything had been wiped clean off it. This would not be so much of a problem if I had all of my music on itunes but ive had two different laptops since purchasing this one ipod and so there is only about half of the tracks i used to have on my ipod, on my current itunes. I am very OCD about my music and organised it all into playlists on my ipod which have now disappeared off the face of the earth.

IS THERE ANY WAY TO RETRIEVE THEM and return to the ipod that was like another limb to my body?

if anyone responds to this or has any ideas thanks so much your help is much appreciated.

  howard64 12:21 27 May 2009

if you have synchronised your ipod with your laptop lately everything should be on your library in the my music folder of my documents. I have known an ipod to appear wiped but the files are still there and I would try google for recover ipod tunes.

  Sea Urchin 13:26 27 May 2009
  MR.Oglethorpe 13:48 27 May 2009

thanks for your advice howard, but unfortunately i never synced my ipod with my laptop, because my itunes did not contain my full music collection that ihad on my ipod. And Sea Urchin thankyou that video looks very helpful, but its not for windows vista which is what i have. I can not follow that video unfortunately.

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