My Computer Takes Years to load????

  NGE 17:04 09 Apr 2004

Hello, recently this has started to happen where i would double click my computer and it would fail to load, the window would come up and the searching torch icon would appear forever. I would close that window and wait for a bit and then i would load my computer via my documents, after i get in the icons of disk drives etc are not in their groups anymore but bundled together. What is going on? I am using windows xp professional edition. TIA

  hugh-265156 17:27 09 Apr 2004

you can change how you view files from control panel/view

select between thumbnails,icons,list or details

you can also arrange icons by below.

re:slow opening of my computer.what are your system specs? how much ram do you have etc and have you defragged the hard drive lately?

spyware etc also may slow down the computer.
check task manager and look at the cpu usage.if its at 100% also look at the processes tab do you have lots of things running in the background? ie/more than 25-30 i would maybe run a check with spybot or adaware and remove anything they find click here click here

  Lozzy 17:46 09 Apr 2004

Sounds to me your PC needs a spring clean. I would give serious thought to re formatting and do a complete re install it gives your PC a complete breath of fresh air.. Its not as daunting as it sounds just make sure you back up all your data first and equally make sure you have all the drivers for all hardware including your modem.

  NGE 18:15 09 Apr 2004

done virus scan and spyware scan all shows nothing. I have 512 mb of ram and athlon 2800 processor. The processor was running at 0% n task manager. I dont know what is wrong/.

  howard60 19:19 09 Apr 2004

go to start - run - msconfig - go to startup tab and remove the ticks from everything except your firewall and virus checker. restart and it should be much quicker. It may also pay to empty your prefetch folder.

  NGE 19:24 09 Apr 2004

how do i empty my prefetch foldeR?

  howard60 19:28 09 Apr 2004

Viewing what XP is prefetching
You can quickly see what Windows XP is prefetching for you. Click Start | My Computer, and double-click the drive that's storing your \WINDOWS directory (normally drive C:). Open the Windows folder and open the Prefetch folder to reveal a list of programs that XP prefetches.

This folder may display items that are months old. You can click the Date Modified column to quickly sort the folder by date and see the most recently cached items.
One common file you may notice is the one highlighted in the figure, Layout.ini. This file contains prefetch information for XP's disk defragmenter. Information in this file is used by the defragmenter to move programs and files on your workstation's hard drive to a more favorable location, speeding up direct read times.

Cleaning out the folder
As you can see, just like the TEMP directory on your system, the Prefetch folder can fill up with lots of unused entries. You can improve system performance by deleting files from this folder.

In doing so, you have two choices: You can selectively delete very old files and files for programs you rarely use, or you can batch-delete all of the entries in the folder. Of the two methods, the mass deletion is probably the most efficient. Windows XP will automatically reprefetch programs when your workstation restarts anyway, so the most frequently used programs will reappear automatically.

To delete all the files, simply select them all in Explorer and press [Delete]. You can also create a batch file that you can run periodically to do the job for you. Just open a command prompt, type copy con killpref.bat, and press [Enter]. Next, type the following commands:
Echo off
del c:\windows\prefetch\*.* /q

Finish by pressing [F6] and then [Enter]. You can then run the killpref.bat file from the command line or Explorer window, or run it as a scheduled task. It will automatically empty your Prefetch folder. When you restart your workstation, it may initially boot a little slower and load programs slowly, but as the prefetching kicks in again, frequently used programs will start quickly again.

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