My computer takes so long to start up

  Dazwm 19:16 05 May 2003

My computer takes so long to start up, how do I speed it up? I am running XP Pro

how long is a long time? try limiting the amount of programs you have starting at start up.

  goll_y 19:48 05 May 2003

yeah I found the same thing. On the tool bar at the bottom of the computer right click on them and press delete. You won't be deleting the actual programmes just the icons on the task bar. Be aware that some of them you might need to right click properties and then uncheck the box which says something like 'display on icon tray'. It'll be stuff like Microsoft word, yahoo messenger etc etc.

  Pesala 19:55 05 May 2003

I have Windows ME and a 1Ghz AMD Athlon.
Bootup takes about 1 minute. I tend to leave my PC on all day. If your's takes longer than 2 minutes I would be surprised. Just get into the habit of switching on before you are ready to start work.

i agree with pesala , personally i roll out of bed hit the power button go and put the kettle on andgo to the bathroom, go back and log on then make the coffee and by the time i've rolled a cigarette the machine is waiting for me.

  geoff47 20:35 05 May 2003 you shower or bath...vacate bowls or just pee?
That really is a long start up....isn't it?
Hope you are just using this as an example of not to worry too much....or I would be worried for you.

  howard60 20:35 05 May 2003

have you got ms update 811493 installed - if so delete it as it makes a pc run slow. Also go to start - run - msconfig and click on startup tab top right - untick all the boxes except virus checker and firewall. on restart put a tick in the box dont show again. much faster to start. Also if you have hundreds of fonts each one has to load at startup you could put the ones not normally used into another folder.

  powerless 23:59 05 May 2003

As horiz5 says limit the programs at startup, most if not all will not be necessary to have when the computer is starting up.

If you go to Start, then click on run.

Now type: MSCONFIG

Now click ok and at the top of that window click on "STARTUP"

Now you should see a list, boxes and green ticks. Take the Green ticks out of the boxes. It's up to you what you want to stop starting when you start your computer. If your not sure what you are going to be stopping from starting compare what you have with click here

If you run Antivirus and and a firewall keep the ticks in the boxes.

Also run Check Disk and Disk Defragmenter.

Check Disc - Start, my computer. then right click you C drive and choose properties. Then click on tools and then click "Check Now...". Now put a tick in both boxes and click Start. You'll get a message pop up click "ok". To get check disk to run you need to restart your computer, it may take sometime depending upon the size of your hard drive.

Disk Defragmenter - Start Menu\Programs\Accessories\System Tools\Disk Defragmenter. Just select your C drive and hit Defragment.

If non of the above help, have a look at this click here

  hugh-265156 00:11 06 May 2003

Powerless`s advice is good do in that order also check click here and kill some uneeded services running in the background an bootvis then will speed it up all the more.

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