My Computer struggles to find drive information.

  zzzpauli 19:39 26 Jul 2005

When I click My Computer, it takes several seconds to show drives and then when I double click my main Windows XP F: drive the searching lamp appears and takes 20secs plus to identify the files.I have run SFC/Scannow and whilst this made a modest improvement I am now back to square one.

However, I have now noticed that the F drive shows the usual range of folders 'Documents and Settings','Program files' etc BUT after these there are currently 55,897 hidden files(growing daily) of mostly 720kb with titles such as ZZHJDDA3.EQI. All theses files are apparently 8 random digit titles with 3 random digit extensions. Properties gives no indication other than size of what they are.

I have run spybot, adaware and have AVG and Zone Alarm in place.

Any ideas on what these are and how I find what is creating them?

  zzzpauli 20:41 26 Jul 2005

I have now moved all of these 720kb files to a separate folder and this has solved problem of slow discovery of drive contents. It is now almost instantaneous.

What is creating these files is now a more worrying problem - I can make no sense of what they say on my text/hex file reader.

  Number 7 22:25 26 Jul 2005

I don't know what's causing the files to be created, but try the following:

Open Task Manager and on the View menu select "Select columns...".

Tick I/O Write Bytes and monitor the values in the column and try to spot which process is creating the files- you might have to watch this for quite some time.

Do you see a process you don't recognise?

Also, Start> Run and type msconfig.

Anything in the Startup List you don't recognise?

Finally, Start> Run and type services.msc.

Anything ring a bell?

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