my computer starts up on its own

  charlton200 14:33 04 Oct 2004

My new computer is going ok except for , that it switches it self back on after shutdown.

Last thing at night I shut it down completely except for turning it off at the wall.

Then sometime in the middle of the night it turns its self back on sometimes I can here it and its about 4 hours after I shut down.

Now I can ring the technical help line witch I will properly do .But I thought I would post a question here first in case there is a simple explanation.

Many thanks.

  JonnyTub 14:38 04 Oct 2004

there will be a setting in the bios which enables the pc to "wake up" through one of the ports on your pc, usually the lan, read your manual about disabling this, and exorcise those ghosts.

  charlton200 14:41 04 Oct 2004

Mnay thanks

  Stuartli 14:50 04 Oct 2004

Also check the Power Management folder in Control Panel.

In the Bios it will be under Advanced Power Management or similar; set as User Defined if you wish to enable/disable the basic settings, which would appear to be necessary in this case.

  JonnyTub 14:56 04 Oct 2004

just a note, do you use a wireless keyboard?

  charlton200 18:34 04 Oct 2004

no not a wireless keyboard

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