My computer is so slow!

  Tycho 18:11 16 Apr 2005

My dear old (7 years) computer (400MHz PII) is running impossibly slowly these days.

the actions that I have taken so far are:

1. DEfragment
2. Lots of memory 256 + 128 MB on two cards
3. Defragment the registry.

I realize that I have lots in the system tray and this might be the root of the problem. I will list all the items that I have and see what you think.

USB removable drive
Bluetooth network (cable unplugged)
Volume control
Browser mouse setting
Matrox quickdesk
Language setting
Digital Slide show wallpaper changer
AVG v. 7
Quick Synch for my iPAQ
Zone Alarm
Bluetooth icon
HP digital imaging monitor
Google desktop search
Dialup modem indicator (You know: the two little computers that flash when data is going in and out)

the task manager says that the CPU is working at about 20% while I am typing this but shoots up to 100% as soon as I access a menu in either IE or MSN messenger.

What do you think?


  woodchip 18:16 16 Apr 2005

Yes it's time for a new one. use the old for simple tasks. You would get a Temporary boost by formatting the drive and Reload Win98. But it will deteriorate as soon as you start loading stuff

  Tycho 18:28 16 Apr 2005

I am using Windows 2K.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 18:40 16 Apr 2005

click here (free version of Ccleaner)and click here (free version of regseeker. Download both and delete all that they find then d/l ms antispy from click here and do a scan. I usually find that using these 3 progs will speed up a computer many times.

I occasionally use a MHz computer for photo retouching in Adobe Photoslop so you have no need to change, it will be fast enough for your needs unless you are a 733T gamer.


  Technotiger 18:44 16 Apr 2005

Hi, by todays standards, your poor old pc is Antiques Roadshow!! I'm sure it has served you well, but as the others suggest, it is surely time to get into the 21st century. A basic setup which would show you a quite incredible difference is not so very expensive. I am on the basic OAPension and even I have quite a nice setup. Just a hobby with me, don't need it for work or anything cos I am retired, long since.


  Pooke100 19:47 16 Apr 2005

Dimension 2400 I just configured one with a flat panel 15inch monitor, dvd re writer, onboard intel graphics and 512 ram, logitech keyboard and optical mouse (cordless). windows xp home. for a total of £465 delivery and VAT included.

I would retire your old machine, if your on a budget dell dimension 2400 looks good.

Kind Regards

  Pooke100 19:49 16 Apr 2005

what version of "Adobe Photoslop" do you have??


  woodchip 20:01 16 Apr 2005

Like this just use your Monitor click here

  GANDALF <|:-)> 20:01 16 Apr 2005

I usually call it Photochop :-p


  Pooke100 20:16 16 Apr 2005

I suppose it depends on who's in the photo before it gets called photoslop!


  Indigo 1 21:55 16 Apr 2005

Looks good but it doesn't list the graphics.

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