"my computer" screen pop up. Cannot remove!!!

  kane_2001 14:11 26 Aug 2010

Have just formatted my partners PC and upgraded it to windows 7. She was having big problems with spyware etc after the children were set free on it. I installed adaware and had avast anti virus running.
Constantly she would get the "my computer" screen popping up and as soon as it was clicked off, it would re appear in a few seconds. So I formatted the PC and installed windows 7, had it running perfectly at my place but withing an hour of having it back at hers, it's doing the same again. I ran adaware and anti virus as well as Windows defender and all come up clean, so does anyone have any ideas as to what the problem could be?
Thanks in advance!!!

  MAJ 14:24 26 Aug 2010

The shortcut keys to open 'My Compter' are Windows Key + E, is there any chance that these two keys are sticking? It can happen if the children were a little rough with the keyboard.

  kane_2001 14:31 26 Aug 2010

Thanks, will text her and get her to check that out. I did use my keyboard at mine and no probs, she used hers at her house, so possibility as kids do make a mess etc.

  MAJ 15:19 26 Aug 2010

It's not always easy to fix, kane_2001, as the sensors below the keys can be damaged, sometimes a new keyboard is required. They can be bought from Argos for as little as £3. click here I suggest, if the problem persists, trying a different keyboard, before buying new.

  sheiladobson 16:31 26 Aug 2010

Great response! Finally, I got this informative idea. Actually, I want to disable pop-up blocking in my computer.

  MAJ 18:26 26 Aug 2010

I'm guessing it was your computer with the 'My Computer' popup problem, sheiladobson?

  kane_2001 15:30 27 Aug 2010

Nope, Im still having the same probs, have been and purchased a new keyboard and run adaware/ windows defender and still its bugging the h*ll out of me LOL. I think I just started a new thread by mistake as well now

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