My computer is REALLY slow!!

  Rob Hughes 23:12 11 Jan 2006

Wonder if anyone can help me - my computer is about four years' old, it has a 1.0GHZ Intel processor, 128MB SyncDRAM (not sure what this means!) and a 20GB hard drive. It worked fine when I first had it, but for some reason it has been really really slow for the last year or so. I haven't got much stuff stored on there (I've used less than half of it's memory), I've uninstalled most of the major programmes, I have no music stored on it and only a few photos. I've done a virus check and also checked for adware and spyware - nothing was found. I've tried de-fragmenting, restoring it back to a date when it worked OK, deleting temporary files, none of these seem to have made a difference. I've also checked CPU usage using Ctrl/Alt/Del, but it was only about 2%.

Does anyone have any ideas what might be causing it to be so slow? Do I need to re-start it altogether using the disc that came with it?


  Skyver 00:38 12 Jan 2006

When you say `slow`, exactly what do you mean? Delay between clicking a button and a response, delay in typing a letter on the keyboard and it appearing on screen, sluggish during certain tasks, or irritatingly tardy all the time? What OS are you running on it?

  Rob Hughes 10:39 12 Jan 2006

It runs on Windows XP. There's not normally a delay when typing, it just takes ages to open any programs or documents, and to start printing when requested. It will often freeze completely - if you try and close the program it then takes ages before you get the box saying it's not responding and giving you the option to 'end now'.

  Skyver 10:51 12 Jan 2006

Is it slow if you boot in Safe mode? Hit f8 before the XP boot logo

  Sharpamatt 11:06 12 Jan 2006

looking at your thread, did you have XP as your operating system when you first had it, or did you upgrade say a year ago when this problem started?

Increasing the RAM may give some increase in speed

  Mavericke 11:16 12 Jan 2006

I think the best thing to do is to follow what Sharpamatt has said by increasing your pc's memory.Secondly I will suspect is the fault of your hard drive. 20GB? That will only leave you with little space in the current standard. Windows may use a few GB for its swapfiles.

  DrScott 11:36 12 Jan 2006

... of junk might help. CCleaner has a great app for removing excess registry entries, usually left behind by programs

click here

  ami 17:00 12 Jan 2006

128Mb of RAM is not really enough to run XP with any success.
You should think about a min of 512Mb, check to see how many memory sticks you have installed ie 1x128 or 2x64. If the former then get an extra stick of 128Mb, if the latter then replace with two sticks of 128Mb (or one 256Mb), more if you can afford it, more RAM will have a dramatic effect on computer speed.
Check your motherboard manual for RAM slot configuration.
Set the maximum and minimum values for the swap file (virtual memory)to one and a half times the amount of RAM.

  Diemmess 18:17 12 Jan 2006

The RAM as others say is minimal, but it once worked well even though we all soon get used to speed!

CClean is a good way of clearing temporary files and other obstructions.

I suspect you have added more and more little programs, and it must be worth checking and preventing all programs which do not HAVE to be running at startup. (msconfig) is the facility to use.

  wee eddie 18:17 12 Jan 2006

Visit click here

and run it's search tool.

also run click here
to see what you have and any spare space you may have.

Another 128MB should be sufficient @ a cost of about £34.00

  Rob Hughes 22:18 12 Jan 2006

OK, thanks a lot for all your responses - I'll try getting some more memory.

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