my computer powers of f when shuts down! 13:29 19 Dec 2005

hi my computer normally shuts down propaly but now when i shut down it does the normal time it takes to shut down but after it does the computer just powers off like when u hold the power button, thanks

  pauldonovan 13:39 19 Dec 2005

If you pick "shut down" don't you want it to "shut down" fully?

Which operating system are you using? In XP when you pick shut down you get 5 options in the drop down which all do different things.

When I pick shut down, I want it to shut down and do all those things then turn the power off! 13:40 19 Dec 2005

im using windows xp and i mean that the computer shuts off like the power is gone

  pauldonovan 13:53 19 Dec 2005

... which option for shutdown are you choosing?

As I said above, if I pick shut down I want it to shutdown so I have to power up again after! If you want standby you pick standby. 13:55 19 Dec 2005

yes that what i do its not hard to click shut down u no? lol

  pauldonovan 13:58 19 Dec 2005

I said "which option" are you choosing? There are several when you pick shutdown?? If you pick shut down and the power cuts off then I'd expect that!!!!! 14:01 19 Dec 2005

let me giv u and example of wat i mean, say u had a dektop computer that was on and u wers using it and then the power goes down in ur street and then ur computers turns of and the hard drive makes that sound, thats wat myn does

  Totally-braindead 14:03 19 Dec 2005

If you press off and it goes off why may I ask are you surprised when it does?

  Totally-braindead 14:04 19 Dec 2005

What sound? You've not mentioned a sound.

  stalion 14:06 19 Dec 2005

are you saying your pc is just shutting down at random while you are useing it?

  pauldonovan 14:19 19 Dec 2005

..even if I hold power switch in so I can't be sure what you mean by trying it here, but I assume you mean the sound of the hard disk, PSU etc. switching off - that kind of sound you get in films when the power's been cut to the generators etc. etc. !!!

Maybe it is shutting down a little early, gonna be a tough one to diagnose that...not sure where to start - have you checked your event logs ? Go to control panel, then administrative tools, then Event viewer and look at System and Application for around the time that you shut down. Look for errors/warnings.

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