My Computer -No Visable Icons

  KW2K 14:03 12 Jun 2003

Hi All,
Does anyone know why when i open My Computer or Control Panel for that matter in Win98, i am unable to view any icons eg, Flopy A, C Drive, D Drive etc. The area that these icons are normally in is just a "Grey Pane" however if i right click on this pane, i get one option which is "close" when i click on this all the icons are there ? Only problem is when i come out of my computer and go back in again i need to go through the same procedure, its driving me nuts!! The other way of getting it back is to go into View/Expolrer Bar/ and the last entry in here is "none" . By clicking on this it restores my icons, but the next time i open My Computer its back to square one. If anyone has any ideas why this is happening, i would be most gratefull.

  keith-236785 15:54 12 Jun 2003

could be a graphic card problem, try pressing F5 when you have opened my computer (this refreshes the screen) and see if the icons appear.

if they do it maybe that you need to update your graphic card drivers, or maybe choose a different level of screen resolution ie True colour, High colour, 256 colours

if you are trying to run true colour on a low spec graphic card you could find blank spaces untill it has had time ro refresh, play about with the settings, see if it helps...

good luck

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