My Computer making big telephone bills

  Jade 14 G 09:42 16 Jun 2006

You will think l am bonkers reading the thread title but this is true,l got a huge telephone bill for one month.
When l rang up was told it was because l had 40 premium numbers on the bill that had been dialed and l never user premium numbers. Then she asked was l on dial up or broadband, am on dialup only because l was having big problems with broardband in this area and only got ntl as another choice which l don't want. Anyway she told me that my pc is dialing up these premium numbers and l also need to delete temporay files which l am not sure how to,and let my computer ask for cookies , that bit l don't want as its a bind putting passwords in every where.
Is she right, l asked for someone in charge and can l do anything if it is right. I changed to the post Office phone services three months ago and before that was using aol which also produced high bills but l never asked about it.As l am on my own bills like this l can do without, have asked for a itemised bill which they don't send unless asked.
Hope you can help.

  jimv7 09:49 16 Jun 2006

Download, install, and update spybot from click here

Superantispyware from click here

Remember to immunise spybot after updates.

  VoG II 09:53 16 Jun 2006

Also a² click here ans Spywareblaster click here

  SANTOS7 09:55 16 Jun 2006

You need to write a lettr to your phone company that reads similar to this..

Dear Sirs/Madams
The charges on my telephone bill, enclosed, amounting to £____ are the result of an illegal use of my computer and constitute the proceeds of fraudulent activity by an unknown party. Your insistence on collecting this money may amount to an attempt to obtain property by deception, which is a violation of section 18 of the Theft Act 1968. It is additionally illegal for you, under the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002, to handle, transfer or arrange assets derived from
criminal conduct. By doing so, you may be in violation of sections 327 (Concealing etc), 328 (Arrangements) and 329 (Acquisition, Use and Possession) of criminal property. If you do not immediately cancel these charges levied against me, and instead insist on proceeding with trying to collect the proceeds of a criminal act, I will not only resist payment. but will file a formal complaint with my local police. A Copy of this letter, along with the necessary
documentation to support my claim, Is also being forwarded to my member of parliament.

Yours etc

  woodchip 09:56 16 Jun 2006

You using a Dial-Up connection. And you have been on a Site that as installed, without your knowledge a premium rate Dialler these are usually for Porn sites etc.

  Diemmess 09:57 16 Jun 2006

Time to have a good think about your defences against dialler and other spyware nuisances.
Jimv7 suggests a good start.

If you have been using Messenger Plus you may need a more thorough scan of your computer, not so much that messenger plus itself is bad news, but using it can so easily allow the more pernicious stuff a backdoor for entry.

  SANTOS7 10:02 16 Jun 2006

Another way to avoid this is to go into the modem settings in control panel, and change the options for accessing an outside line to dial the first part of your ISP number. Then take that bit off the dial up configuration for your ISP.

That way, any rogue diallers dial something like 0845 0898 xxxxxxx

  Jade 14 G 10:02 16 Jun 2006

Do l still have to go into c drive and delete temp files as well.
The post office manager could have told me yesterday.

  VoG II 10:04 16 Jun 2006

Run this to cleanup: click here

  Jade 14 G 10:10 16 Jun 2006

as more messages have come through l need to tell you l have got spybot and microsoft spyware plus spy blaster on pc .
Thanks for the letter pasted it into word straight away.Haven't got messanger but have avg and Zone alarn and computer is set to scan every two days.
Will this be anything to do with it, not every time but a lot when l log on a small message comes on saying l am low in memory on line 92 and 94 some days.

  iscanut 10:23 16 Jun 2006

Have a look at these options as well here

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