my computer gets to hot

  tom boy 12:55 03 Mar 2004

my computer gets to hot even though i put three extra fans in it. It gets up to 77 degrees. i think it might be my power supply.

  Tog 13:13 03 Mar 2004

What temperature are you referring to and what processor do you have fitted

  tom boy 11:19 04 Mar 2004

degreesC amd athalonXP 2500+ (barton)

  jamiedude 11:29 04 Mar 2004

Have you checked to see if the fan on your power supply unit is functional,just put your hand behind the vent of the power supply unit and you should feel a slight cool flow of air.

  tom boy 11:32 04 Mar 2004

yes the fan on the power supply is working put blows out realy warm air

  Mastermind 11:49 04 Mar 2004

Did you build your PC yourself?

What heatsink are you using?

Where are the fans positioned and are they blowing air in or out?

  tom boy 11:51 04 Mar 2004

yes i built it my self. stock hsf, 2 exhaust, 1 intake

  slimbo51 12:05 04 Mar 2004

I trust you put the correct amout of thermal grease on the H/Sink when u built it, and didn't rely on the pink rubbish the manf put on.

Most people put to much on and it will act as a thermal barrier rather than a heat transfer.

I always gently rock from side to side once the H/Sink fan is fully clipped down to ensure a good very thin seating to the processor.

Sorry if I'm telling you how to suck eggs.

  tom boy 12:08 04 Mar 2004

we used the manufactures rubbish as you said. bought some akasa thermal grease, which we are trying to put on but we cannot get the HSF off.dam thing

  slimbo51 12:28 04 Mar 2004

Best way I know is to remove the H/Sink and fan complete with the proc.

What I use then is a wall paper stripper blade VERY CAREFULLY between the proc and fan gently apply a little pressure on all four corners in turn to break the hold.

Again carefully once they are apart I clean off the pink crap with a special chemical I have.

When u put the new grease on the proc, only put the size of a matchhead on the chip itself.

Spread it out with a small screwdriver over the chip to get a thin even layer.

Refit proc, heatsink and fan, clip it down and GENTLY move the h/sink from side to side until u start to feel a slight resistance, THEN STOP.

Reconnect fan cable and away u go.

Go into bios and run computer for 10min watching the temp.

I then use and endless loop program in Windows to load the proc to 100% for another 10 min, keeping an eye on temp in a windows monitoring program.

If after all this temp shows ok...Job Over.

Good Luck.

  slimbo51 12:36 04 Mar 2004

Forgot to mention I have Same proc as you, and it runs at about 39c no matter what load I put on it.

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