My computer freezes when trying to rip cds

  Mbube 19:47 30 Aug 2006

I have just bought a Creative Zen Vision M mp3 player but I can't use because every time I try to rip a cd the computer freezes and I have to press reset. I have tried using Zen Vision M Media Explorer (which came with the player), Windows media player 10 and also Realplayer and always the problem is the same the instant I click start ripping it freezes. Creative suport weren't able to offer a solution and I haven't heard back from Real Networks. I am still a bit of a begginer so if any one can help that would br great, I would rather not have to re-install Windows XP unless I absolutely have to. Thanks in advance.

  STREETWORK 19:58 30 Aug 2006

You could update the driver for the CD by visiting the manufacturers website. Try this first as windows may be using a generic driver.

Also check that you have enough memory and disc space.

Post back with results

  Mbube 21:26 30 Aug 2006

My cd re-writer is a Freecom 24D, I have checked on the Freecom website and I am not sure which is the appropriate driver,I also have an LG HL-DT-ST DVD RAM GSA-4160B I have had no luck with discs in this drive either. I have 512MB of RAM and just over 6GB of disc space left, the processor is an AMD Athlon(tm)XP 1800 + 1.53GHz if that helps at all. I am afraid my knowledge of some of these things is a little bit limited, thanks for your help

  STREETWORK 22:30 30 Aug 2006

When the PC freezes, hit Ctl-Alt-Del together to bring up the task manager, check the CPU and Page file useage. If this is hitting 100% then it is usually down to 2 things;

a) CPU over heating (PC may need dusting out carefully incluiding the fans.

b) A software conflict.

'a' is easy to do with care as to not dislodge any cables/plugs, etc. Its amazing what a fan can suck into a case. Make sure you clean the CPU cooling vanes, again carefully.

'b' is usually by trial and error, but first check what you have installed to burn CD's. Try and make do with only one application. It is known that NERO and ROXIO do not work very well together.

If you remove all of them and install one at a time, after checking they work, you may find where the problem lies.

Also to free up any RAM and Pagefile space disable any start up programs that you do not need. Hit 'start'-'run' and type 'msconfig'

This will bring up the System Configuration Utility. Click the Start Up tab and uncheck any programs you know and do not want to start when you boot the PC. 'qttask' is a good one to disable as it does use some system resources, this is the Quicktime program. Any disabled programs will still be available when you need them.

Reboot the PC, you may find it starts quicker as it will not load programs you have deselected.

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  zarobian 22:53 30 Aug 2006

Press start and Break key together on your key board that will launch System Properties. Now select Hardware tab and then open device manager. Now click on the + sign against IDE ATA/ATAPI Controller. Asuming your CD/DVD drives are on secondary IDE Chanel, double click IDE Secondary chanel and this will take you to Secondary IDE Chanel Properties. Select Advance Settings. Make sure that transfer mode is DMA if available and current transfer mode is ULTRA DMA 2.


  Mbube 23:21 30 Aug 2006

The transfer mode is DMA and current transfer mode is ULTRA DMA 2 so what next?

Pressing ctrl-alt-del when the pc is frozen has no effect.

As far as I am Aware I only have Nero

Have unchecked various programs on the start up tab, do not have Quicktime I uninstalled it on advise from Creative

Will switch off and check the dust situation
and then try again thanks

  Mbube 23:54 30 Aug 2006

Cleaned a lot of dust out of the fan, tried to rip cd again with WMP got to 38% which is more than it's ever done before but still crashed is this significant will keep trying for a short while. If I don't have any luck will try again tomorrow

  STREETWORK 06:38 31 Aug 2006

As you have said that all has been done for hardware and software, cleaning the Pc had some improvement. This may be down to overheating and may also be down to a loose connection.

Again, try cleaning the PC especially around the heatsink, at the same time check all the connections to CD, HD.

If you are able unseat and reseat the memory card.

After this try and rip only one track at a time. This will eliminamte hardware problem and will possibly point to a software issue.


  Mbube 12:02 31 Aug 2006

Still no luck using Creative Media Explorer or WMP however after making a clean installation of Real Player I can now save cds on to the computer and transfer them on to my mp3 player. Of course once I've saved and transfered a good handful of cds I then have to delete them from the computer otherwise with over 6GB of music I would quickly fill my hard drive. At least I can now use my new player.

I will have another go at cleaning the inside of my pc otherwise I will try sort out the ripping problem some other time

Thanks for all your help

  zarobian 17:29 02 Sep 2006

I would check the Event Log. Which will show the cause of freezing.


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