My computer beeps for no reason

  Fateful Shadow 19:12 17 Jun 2003

I'm using my laptop and I have open:

- AOL 8.0

- MSN Messenger 5.0

- Norton Antivirus 2002

- Sygate firewall

I was talking to someone, when my computer let out a loud beep for about 5 seconds.

Any ideas why?!

  PA28 19:30 17 Jun 2003

Maybe you trod on its'Power Lead??? Seriously, only thing that I can think of is that there was a power glitch which the computer was able to bridge on battery.

  graham√ 20:34 17 Jun 2003

Low battery alarm?

  keith-236785 23:41 17 Jun 2003

could be an overheating issue, did you have the laptop on your knees and were covering the Air intake hole unlikely but a possibility.

  Fateful Shadow 13:36 19 Jun 2003

If you have read my first post, you will have seen what I had open at that time.

This time, I had just logged out of AOL, Sygate Firewall was still functioning, and the power supply was from the mains.

Shortly after logging off, the noise occured again. This time, however, I think it may've been to do with the charge status.

The only problem is, every other time it has fully charged it has never made a noise.

Thanks to everyone who has already gavwe me suggestions. I don't think my laptop is overheating, my power cable is well away from anyone stepping on it and the battery was full.

Any more ideas?

  Big Elf 13:49 19 Jun 2003

Search for all the *.wav files stored on the hard drive and play them one by one. If the beep is produced from the 'wav' file see where it is stored as that might give a clue as to whether it's associated with a program.

Also check the manual to see if there's an on-board warning for faults/problems.

  Fateful Shadow 13:57 19 Jun 2003

It sounds like it's being made by a buzzer from the laptop.

There aren't any .wav files like sound like it. It sounds like the noise it makes when you boot it up.

  Big Elf 14:09 19 Jun 2003

Loose connection perhaps. Have you got a manual for it?

  Bodi 15:28 19 Jun 2003

your Power Management Properties? Could be something in there.


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