My combo-drive problem

  NickyK 20:36 17 Feb 2005

My disc reader will happily read movie DVDs, CDs on which I have stored data, and cover-mounted DVDs (it will also write to CDs quite happily). But it won't read other CDs such as the latest PC Advisor CDs, older PC Advisor CDs that it used to read, or my games CDs. When I try these, the entire system freezes and the only way to unlock it is either to switch off at the mains and reboot, or insert a DVD.

Please help - the frustration is so...well, frustrating.

  Totally-braindead 20:43 17 Feb 2005

Since it'll read some data cds but not others I'm a bit at a loss. Do you have a cd cleaning disk, if so could you try it on your drive and see if that makes a differnce, I presume you've checked the cds it won't read for scratches and finger marks?

  NickyK 21:00 17 Feb 2005

CD cleaning disc is a good idea - yes, I've checked the discs for smudges/scratches. To make matteres even more bizarre, it will sometimes read the CDs if I go through the CD-DVD drice "page" under My Computer (Windows XP). Still doin't know why it will play everything but pre-programmed CDs (as I say, it will play my own CDs on which I have put photos, text etc).

  JonnyTub 21:06 17 Feb 2005

To go slightly off tangent and into a whim, you do have flash player installed ? Some disks require this

  NickyK 21:15 17 Feb 2005

Yes, I do. What is most odd is that it won't play CDs that it used to play. In fact, my very first posting on this site was because I was having problems installing Macromedia Flash Player 7 - you e-mailed it to me, JonnyTub (I was calling myself Yrrym back then). Thanks, again, for that, BYW - I've been able to play all my BBC and other bits ever since!

  JonnyTub 21:17 17 Feb 2005

Ahh, i remember,

Try this, uninstall the cd drive via device manager and reboot allowing windows to reinstall upon the reboot.

  NickyK 21:29 17 Feb 2005

Okay, I'll try that. I've just double-checked to make sure Flash Player hasn't vanished, and it's still there. Will try what you suggest, and will report back later.

  JonnyTub 21:34 17 Feb 2005

If uninstalling the drive doesn't work, uninstall the ide channel the drive sits on and reboot, this will cater for any drive and ide communication probs.

  JonnyTub 21:35 17 Feb 2005

Also out of curiostiy, is the drive dma enabled, if so what mode (look under advanced settings for the ide channel in device manager) ?

  NickyK 21:37 17 Feb 2005

Sorry, JonnyTub, too advanced for me. I have just realized I don't even know how/where to find "Device Manager". All I can tell you about dma and ide channels is that this is a six month old Dell, with a combo drive).

  JonnyTub 21:55 17 Feb 2005


Right click on 'My Computer' and select properties.

From the new box that 'pops up' select the hardware tab and subsequently the device manager button.

You should get a new box pop up called device manager, look for an entry called Ide / atapi controllers or similarl, click on this entry and expand on it, you should now see a couple more entries. These new entries should be named primary and secondary ide channel, right click on the primary ide one select uninstall, reboot and try again, if you get no joy try again only this time select the secondary ide channel. This is because i don't know which channel your drive is installed on.

If that does'nt work post back, it's most likely a Ok NickyK, follow these software problem.

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