My Clone Problem

  peter4076 09:32 20 Oct 2005

I have a 60GB source drive and a 80GB destination drive. I attempted to clone using the automatic option on Acronis True Image 8. When asked to reboot, I did. Analyzing Partitions, Locking Partitions, and Checking Partitions took only 24 seconds (shouldn't this have taken at least 2-3 hours?)! I then got the following message: "Congratulations! You have successfully completed the hard disk cloning procedure." Wow, I thought. That was fast. The problem is, nothing actually happened to the destination drive. The source drive was never cloned onto the destination drive. How could it have? It only took 24 seconds. What did I do wrong, and how can I fix it so that I may successfully clone my hard drive?

  freaky 11:11 20 Oct 2005

You probably did not correctly follow the instructions. You must select the drive you are going to clone from (source drive), then select the drive you are going to clone to (destination drive).

You probably selected the 60GB Drive as the Source, and again selected the 60GB Drive as the Destination Drive.....hence the process completing quickly!! The destination drive is selected from the drop-down tree.

  peter4076 15:41 20 Oct 2005

Just done it again freaky, and no exactly the same happened again.
The external drive is an IDE housed in a caddy, I have set the jumper to Master, and I have allocated the the drive the letter "Q"
Would appreciate some help with this one, because I have been using this hardrive since WinXP first launched, and I have virtually got my whole life tied up with this hardrive hence I would like to Clone it before disaster strikes.
Your thoughts most appreciated.

  pj123 16:31 20 Oct 2005

Try downloading xxcopy from click here or xxclone from click here and give them a try.

I didn't think Acronis did "clones" only backups.

  PaulB2005 16:32 20 Oct 2005

"I didn't think Acronis did "clones" only backups. "

True Image has a Clone Disk function built in.

Angus - make sure you have the latest version installed.

  peter4076 17:08 20 Oct 2005

Thanks Guys
Do you think if I hooked it up to my IDE ribbon made it a slave, that might help, as opposed to running it down a £1.00 piece of USB cable, clutching at straws here.
pj123 the xxcopy & xxclone is there a good success rate with these items.
Really I want to know is why the Disc Clone facilty is not working properly, on a paid for True Image ver 8.

  EJ1947 17:21 20 Oct 2005

I have used xxclone (free download) four or five times with total sucess. So simple and quick to use too. Make sure to create a floppy boot up disc when prompted to enable to boot into either disc.

  pj123 17:37 20 Oct 2005

Angus, "pj123 the xxcopy & xxclone is there a good success rate with these items."

Not had any failures yet.

  freaky 18:42 20 Oct 2005

When you tried Cloning with Acronis, did it detect your 80GB Drive as drive 'Q'.

Acronis will not be able to do the clone unless it successfully identifies the 80GB drive.

As stated by PaulB2005 above, have you also checked for the lates updates from Acronis. The last update I downloaded was Build 937 dated 09/08/05

  peter4076 08:26 21 Oct 2005

Tried to post lastnight, but kept getting an error, then I had to go out.
Anyway pj123,EJ1947,will certainly look at those 2 downloads, & freaky upto date with the Acronis 8, (ver 9) out now and yes 'Q' drive was found,
Thanks for the positive input on this thread, this is my 963th visit to this forum, and it never fails to please me, there is an answer to everything.
I feel guilty about spending so much time on my computer, that I have to compromise with the people I care & love and thankfully they understand, that this isn't a one night stand, this is a love affair...............and it's not going away.

  EJ1947 11:13 21 Oct 2005

A forum thread recently asked about this same topic and much help was given. Not sure how to link to it though but if you type 'second hard drive for back ups' into the forum search you should find it.

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