diddi.ash 13:21 17 Oct 2004

My CD-RW stopped working a while ago now, i recently looked into "my computer" and noticed that the DRIVE D: was missing, which is my CD-RW, so thinking that it was broke, i bought a new CD-RW and installed it, but the computer did not register a new device! so i went into "ADD HARDWARE" but the computer said there was none.

So i thought as my DRIVE E:(cd-rom) worked ok, i would swap the IDE,etc cables around, but still the computer hasn't registered a new device for the new CD-RW. And the DRIVE E:(cd-rom) still works, so it can't be faulty connections or leads!
I have looked in device manager, and there is only the CD-ROM.
I am not that computer literate so if anyone could help me, step by step guidance would be most appriciated. thankyou.
I am running on windows XP

  diddi.ash 13:24 17 Oct 2004

would putting the windows XP disc in, help?

  Graham ® 13:26 17 Oct 2004

Have you set the jumpers on the back of the devices? Set the writer to master (MS) and the rom to slave (SL).

  Graham ® 13:27 17 Oct 2004


  diddi.ash 13:30 17 Oct 2004

please explain how to do this?

  Graham ® 13:30 17 Oct 2004

Here's a picture click here

  diddi.ash 13:33 17 Oct 2004

I don't think that i have this connected, i will have to check?

  diddi.ash 13:34 17 Oct 2004

Can i do this with the computer on?

  Graham ® 13:42 17 Oct 2004

No, turn it off. You need to gain access to the rear of the drives. I'm assuming they are both on the same IDE cable. You will see a set of pins near the cable socket, with a small black 'jumper' which connects two pins together. This jumper must be in the correct position on each drive.

  Stuartli 14:29 17 Oct 2004

If it was working previously, either a cable or lead has become loose or dislodged, either at the rear of the drive or at the motherboard - you may have inadvertently caught a lead or cable whilst doing some work in the case.

Otherwise the rewriter's laser unit may have gone kaputt, especially as lifespan is not exceptional for such drives.

Another point - if both drives are shown in Device Manager in Safe Mode then loose or dislodged cables are the most likely cause.

  the lone ranger 14:37 17 Oct 2004

I had a similar problem and it was to do with the registry. Have you removed any 'Roxio' software recently, like Easy CD creator or something?

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