My browser appears to have been!!

  rdh660 23:13 01 Feb 2005

I am raising this question using a computer other than my own. Each time I log on using Internet explorer I am taken to rather dubious sites to say the least and unwanted images are displayed along with offers to sign up for menbership. It is not always the same site and once loaded links seem to be clicked automatically taking me to other similar sites and images etc. I use XP SP2, all up to date and up to date firewall and antivirus . Scanning picks up nothing but something has 'got in'. I am planning to reformat and reinstall everything... will this work or are there any better suggestions to a solution?

  BabyOp 23:18 01 Feb 2005

Try Spybot Search & Destroy, Adaware and the Beta of Microsoft Antispyware. I have just finished tidying up my friends machine with a combination of the above and a little tidying up of the registry I have almost cleared all the issues, he was having exactly the same problems.

  VoG II 23:19 01 Feb 2005

Please post a HJT log.

Instructions click here

Latest version click here

Please follow the instructions to save HJT to its own folder carefully. Also, you may need to do this in more than one post as there is an 800 word limit on this site. Post the whole log including the header.

  stalion 23:19 01 Feb 2005

you will need to post on here a hijack this log
click here

  rdh660 23:40 01 Feb 2005

Thanks everybody for the help.
I am afraid I am a bit of a novice at all this computing wizardry and find it all a bit bewildering when things go wrong. I am going to try downloading and scanning with search and destroy etc first to see if that comes up with anything.
The posting of a HJT log sound a little high tech but I will give it a go if the search and destroy attempt is fruitless ( sorry if this sounds a bit wimpish).
Wish I knew as much as you chaps. You have saved my bacon on more than one occasion and I am so grateful for the fast response and willingness to help.
I will let you know what happens.

Thanks so much

  Horta 00:10 02 Feb 2005

rdh1, like you I'm a bit wary of trying anything technical I'm not sure of but I've just finished sorting out a problem (see my posting "module 8272807082") using Spybot, Search & Destroy and Adaware as advised by pc moron. I had downloaded Hijack and run a log just in in case.

The software's easy to use. Follow instructions etc you should have no probs. Then there's the satisfaction at beating the problem too! Good Luck.

  Dan the Confused 06:34 02 Feb 2005

Running Ad-aware SE click here and CWShredder click here in safe mode can also be effective too. Update Ad-aware first, then boot into safe mode by tapping F8 before Windows loads and select it from the menu that appears. Even if it doesn't work it may help make the HJT log easier to read (by getting rid of unwanted stuff).

  rdh660 09:34 02 Feb 2005

Thanks to all for the help AND encouragement regarding this problem. I am again amazed at the willingness to assist us 'keen novices' and the sympathetic approach shown by members of the forum.

I downloaded all the suggested software and ran it as advised and all now seems well. My browser is now aparently once more under my control. Still not too sure about this HJT log business but the Spy-bot, ad-aware etc seems to have done the trick. Fingers crossed!

Thanks once again
Best regards

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