is my broadband speed slow?

  Kingfisher 16:18 01 Mar 2007

My isp is bt I have the up to 8meg download speed, but bt says I should get 5meg, which i would accept, I am about 1and half miles from exchange, but the best speeds I can get is 2900kbps down and 397kbps up, do you think this is acceptable for 5kbps that bt said I should get,
I currently have just installed the latest voyager 220v router, but download speeds have not changed, they have all been around 2900 3100 max
my os is win xp home 3.04ghz intel 4 processor 1 gig ram and a tidy hard drive have checked the wiring for just two wires as per previous threads and all is ok any thoughts would be appreciated
many thanks

  rawprawn 16:55 01 Mar 2007

I am with Tiscai Max up to 8 mb, but at the moment I am recording only about 1012 up & 227 down. A great deal depends on how busy the ISP Servers are.
I can get up to 6.7mb but my average is about 3.7mb. try this test click here

  Kingfisher 17:43 01 Mar 2007

Hi Rawprawn
2600up 380 down about what I get from all the other speedtesters, do you think I should pursue this with bt or accept the speed that I have

  Kingfisher 17:44 01 Mar 2007

sorry rawprawn should read 2600 down 380 up

  Dipso 21:03 01 Mar 2007

Can you try and find your line stats from the router. Your exact model doesn't seem to be listed at click here but it may be a similar method.

You need the connection speed, downstream noise margin and downstream attenuation.

  Kingfisher 22:15 01 Mar 2007

Hi Dipso
Connection speed > 3803 down 448 up
downstream noise margin>9.5db
downstream line attenuation>38.00

  glen2409 22:36 01 Mar 2007

Have you checked the internal wiring. You only need wires 2 and 5 connected to the master and all extension sockets. if you remove the faceplate of the master socket there should be a test socket, try connecting directly to this.

  rodriguez 23:03 01 Mar 2007

A lot of it depends on the time of day - if you test it at 7pm it will usually be a lot slower than if you test it at 3am. This is because the speed can slow down a bit if a lot of people are using the service - especially with BT as this is one of the main ones.

  terryf 23:08 01 Mar 2007

click here and scroll down to Broadband extensions

  Kingfisher 07:41 02 Mar 2007

Hi to everyone I have checked the wiring and has only the two wires connected but will check all sockets in my house
thankyou for your replies

  Dipso 08:23 02 Mar 2007

Getting 2900kbps from a 3803kbps connection is spot on. The only way you'll get higher is to try and increasethe speed your router connects at.

With your downstream attenuation you should be looking at connecting at double that speed. If the wiring is as it should be try getting better quality filters or locating the router by the master socket.

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