My Belkin 54g router keeps going off-air

  pj123 20:32 05 May 2006

Running Win 98SE with NTL Broadband.

Modem supplied by NTL working OK.

Connected a Belkin 54G router to connect my 2nd desktop PC also running Win 98SE.

Working fine for the last 6 months until today.

After about 20 minutes on the internet all the lights go out on the router (except the power light) and everything freezes.

Only way out is to switch everything off, unplug modem and router wait for about two minutes. Plug modem and router back in, wait another couple of minutes then boot computer. Everything working OK again for another 20 or so minutes then the same thing happens.

I have adaware, spybot, spywareblaster, AVG and Zonealarm installed. Adaware and Spybot found nothing. AVG hasn't flagged up any viruses for ages. The second PC is not switched on.

  mgmcc 22:41 05 May 2006

I don't think the problem lies with the PC, but you can confirm that by switching it off and using the second PC to see if the problem remains.

It sounds more likely to be the router that has the problem and I would be inclined to try a "hard reset" to return it to the factory default settings. Then set it up again from scratch.

  Aargh 10:24 06 May 2006

Which model is it? My Belkin has a connection idle function which switches every thing off after a preset time. Is yours set to 20 minutes?

The setting is in the Internet WAN/Connection Type settings.

Reset the value to zero and your connection will be permanent.

  pj123 10:36 06 May 2006

Thanks for the response. At the moment I have taken the Router out of the circuit altogether

So far, so good. Could be a router problem but have only had the router for about six months.

Will see how it goes without the router for a bit.

My next door neighbour has another Belkin router (different model) which he is going to let me try.

My router model is F5D7230-4

Will keep you informed.

  pj123 11:06 06 May 2006

Just checked my Ebuyer account. Router was bought on 06/01/2006 so only 4 months old.

  pj123 16:02 06 May 2006


Well, since I took the router off the system it has remained stable. No more crashes. So it seems like a router fault but as I don't know how to prove that (and the router has a Manufacturer's Lifetime Warranty) should I opt to return it to Ebuyer or try Belkin direct.

I will take up my next door neighbours offer and try the one he has. As I am on Cable the router I have at the moment does say "Connects to your Ethernet ADSL/Cable Modem". Does that mean I am restricted to routers that connect to Cable Modems or will any router work?

  ade.h 18:16 06 May 2006

Only cable DSL modems (ehternet based) will work. ADSL modems won't. Those of us on ADSL have to use combined modem/routers.

Have you tried it on your laptop's RJ45 port to test your theory? Maybe make a restore point first. If it doesn't have the same effect, then it's not the router, or at least, not entirely. It will only take a very small amount of work (firewall tweaking, etc.) and that's it, as nothing needs to be changed in the router itself.


  pj123 15:54 07 May 2006

ade.h, don't have a laptop. I have 2 desktop PCs in separate rooms. Both running Win 98SE.

I had thought of switching the connections around, ie. the Modem and Router on PC 2 and the USB adapter on PC 1 but the incoming Cable from NTL won't reach the 2nd PC.

I downloaded a 133 page manual from Belkin this morning and given it a good read. It appears that the Router has a built-in Firewall and I also have Zonealarm running on both PCs. Maybe there is a conflict there?

At the moment I don't have the router connected at all and everything has been running fine for a while now, no problems. I'm a bit reluctant to put the router back on to the PC at the moment.

  ade.h 15:57 07 May 2006

Aah, yes, two desktops. I had forgotten exeactly what setup you had.

No conflict between hardware and software firewalls, so don't worry about that.

  pj123 15:52 08 May 2006

Still waiting for my neighbour to drop the router he has in to me. But, like most people (not me) he has to go to work, so I don't like to go bothering him in the evenings.

  pj123 13:30 24 May 2006


Have now got the router from my neighbour, this one is a Belkin 125g.

All is now installed and up and running with no cut off's.

Just one small problem still exists on the computer with the USB wireless adapter. Everytime I want to log in on that computer I have to go through the Profile Setup and enter the Key before it works. Should it not save the settings?


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