my bband internet keeps auto connecting?........

  theDarkness 13:42 30 Oct 2006

my internet has only recently started to auto connect/dial up whenever I click on mozilla? im using broadband. i havent changed any options in either my internet connection, firewall or browser settings, and I have done a couple of scans on the hd to check for nasties, but everything seems ok? is there an obvious cause as to why its only just starting to do this? thanks :O

  SB23 13:54 30 Oct 2006

Who is your Isp?
I'm with Aol, and when I reinstalled Xp the same happened to me in that it would connect for no reason.
With Aol there is a dialler, which once I had found and stopped from starting up, solved my problem.

  theDarkness 13:59 30 Oct 2006

pipex, using a zoom modem. 'redial if line is dropped' in my modem options is definately switched off, and it only started happening 20 mins ago. i definately havent ben searching around any dodgy websites! lol very strange though

  SB23 14:06 30 Oct 2006

Even though I'm on BB aswell, and why a dialler would re-connect me via my BB connection I am still unsure about. But I found the Aol dialler with a startup monitoring program.

  theDarkness 16:41 30 Oct 2006

yeah, im not sure if there are diallers (nasty and unofficial-accidentally taken from websites or downloaded programs) that can auto connect anyones broadband without asking... so ill assume its official, since my scanners arent detecting anything nasty. but i just dont understand it when the auto reconnect option for my broadband modem is definately switched off :O ?- bizarre! lol

  skidzy 17:01 30 Oct 2006

If you are worried about a dialer dialing out try this,it checks for all connections and you have the option to delete what is not here

Broadband should not be able to dial out on its own unless you have downloaded a nasty somehow.

  p;3 18:29 30 Oct 2006

bookmarking; curious; broadband does not dial out does it as it IS broadband; my thought was, if you have avg on there and maybe the program is asking to connect to get its updates?

  phono 18:57 30 Oct 2006

I don't know about Mozilla but Internet Explorer has a setting umder Tools > Internet Options > Connections which allows you to select "Always dial my default connection", if this option is selected starting IE will automatically bring up auto connect/dial.

Could this, or similar, be your problem?

  Totally-braindead 18:59 30 Oct 2006

If it only does it with Mozilla then I would look at the options for it as perhaps its Mozilla itself that is checking for an update.

  theDarkness 19:19 30 Oct 2006

just realised that before my broadband started to auto connect all the time, I did try and install a new IE update. I dont think IE fully installed (it stopped near the end if I remember correctly...)- but I think IE is probably the cause. IE does run, and although it doesn't automatically start my broadband like mozilla, the dial up box does appear for it to connect to the net, which would never have happened before. I havent changed any other programs, or net related, firewalls etc, recently, so it surely must be IE.. :) mayb lol

just checked IE, it has 'dial whenever a connection is not present' as default, and im pretty sure it used to always be 'never dial', so the IE setting mustve been able to dial when I used any other browser, and try and connect regardless! ill switch it back and see if it still tries to connect..

  theDarkness 19:20 30 Oct 2006

yep it was the IE option causing the prob, thanks, strange that the option would work for mozilla also

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