My Athlon 1700+ is only reading at 1100hz

  Jonathan-295313 19:33 19 Feb 2004

I've just put a GA-7N400-L gigabyte m/b in my pc. Whin I switch on the black and white writing recognizes the processor as a athlon 1100 with the message CPUID 066> after it. Gigabytes tech. support says my PSU at 300w is not enough, and I need a 450w or 550w supply. Can this be correct?
I am running Win 98 with
2 x Hard drives. 20GB primary and a 6GB on a removable caddy.
128mb DDR Geforce 3 TI200 G/card.
CD drive.
CD/RW drive.
Front panel hub.
2 x case fans.

  Rayuk 19:34 19 Feb 2004

Just go into the bios and alter the cpu fsb to 133 you should be ok with the psu

  Jonathan-295313 19:49 19 Feb 2004

I tried that. I did have to do it more than once though, to make it 'stick'. sometimes it dosen't mention the speed at all, even in the Microsoft System Information, just that I have an Authentic AMD

  Rayuk 19:50 19 Feb 2004

Is there a jumper on the motherboard to change from 100 to 133?

  Jonathan-295313 19:56 19 Feb 2004

No, that I can see, and there's no mention of one in the manual of one. I did spend some time looking as there was on my last m/b.

  Rayuk 19:56 19 Feb 2004

See page 18 of the manual

  Jonathan-295313 20:05 19 Feb 2004

Is that about the DDR introduction? I am running 512mb (2 x 256)of PC2100 DDR, Although not the same brand. I bought the second module at the same time as the m/b. I am using slots 1 and 3. I changed the m/b because of similar problems to, 'Blank monitor problem' and 'PC randomly doesn't start'

  Rayuk 17:13 20 Feb 2004

There is a jumper on the mobo that is set to 100 as default you need to swap this over for auto its between the agp slot and the northbridge fan

  Jonathan-295313 17:52 20 Feb 2004

Nice one ........ I think. I've had a look, and there is a switch there. Looking in the manual (p14) it does say 'set system jumper' I was looking for a little plastic thing across some pins......dohh. I'm going to try it now.

Thank you for your perseverance.

  Jonathan-295313 18:12 20 Feb 2004


  Jonathan-295313 18:15 20 Feb 2004

Do you know if It will have damaged anything or is it a case of wait and see?

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