my asus laptop reset itself to factory settings. any way of getting my files back?

  redex 05:07 06 Jul 2013

I have an asus laptop running with win 7 home premium. I shut my laptop down last night and it ran its windows updates. When i turned it on today, it a screen came up for license agreements for win 7. apparently it reset itself to its original factory setting. All my files and programs are gone. Any ideas on what I can do or what can be done to prevent this in the future?

  mole1944 06:27 06 Jul 2013

Easy answer, don't know how to get back your original data however in future have a copy of your data possibly two copies, I use two methods one is clickfree drive for my data and also I have Acronis to clone to a second drive, if you have a western digital drive a free cut down version is available, then you can reclone back from the drive you saved to. So finally you should have learned a valuable lesson about "all your eggs in one basket", golden rule is have a backup.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:03 06 Jul 2013

Unlikely as it will have formatted the drive

but try Recuva

Do not write anything else to the drive and recouver the files to an external drive

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