My Apologies - website link in signature

  michelleuk 15:26 01 Jan 2003
  michelleuk 15:26 01 Jan 2003


I have already put this in the 'online store' thread I started, but to ensure everyone can see it, I am placing it here. There is no need to respond, I shall click the resolve icon tomorrow so most people will have the chance to read it should they wish.

I have got so used to adding my website link below my name, that it has become second nature. I add it to all the messages I write in a number of forums and in my emails. I had thought it was OK to do the same in this forum, I apologise if by doing so I have annoyed people. I shall only be putting it on my first response and NOT on any other reply I make in the same thread. Except this post which does not contain my link - I hope this is OK. If I am breaking any forum rules by adding my website link in my postings, in this forum, please let me know and I will stop immediately.

Take Care


  bvw in bristol 15:36 01 Jan 2003

No need of an apology as far as I am concerned. I found your site to be very relaxing and worth browsing.

Thank you and good luck :o)

  Andÿ 15:41 01 Jan 2003

I've not seen it but can only say I don't think there will be a problem unless it is a commercial site in any way shape or form.

  Djohn 15:44 01 Jan 2003

michelleuk, I agree with bvw, and wish you all the best. The site is well worth a visit for the advice and information it contains. J.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 15:47 01 Jan 2003

Personally I found it to be a well produced and interesting site. Good luck! No one has to click on it if they do not want to, merely hovering the cursor over the link should give even the most dim-witted a clue as to whether they should visit it and I think there are much more important things to worry about rather than posting petty 'click here' angst.

Of course they could also give you some specific, constructive advice as to how to improve the coding, loading or the layers......couldn't they?


  €dstow 15:51 01 Jan 2003

I'm sure that if there was a real problem Mr FE would have been on to you about it. As he hasn't, I wouldn't worry about it. Has someone complained?

Now, where's the address, I want to look myself;-))


  Pilch.... 16:00 01 Jan 2003

Either that or Mr FE had a good nite!

Anyhow had a brief look last nite, looked good, that was when i wasnt sober, so i may recover a bit more then take a look at it again!!

  Forum Editor 16:03 01 Jan 2003

in providing the link in the way you suggest, Michelle, but thanks for asking.

  Gongoozler 17:43 01 Jan 2003

michelleuk, michelle, it's a lovely site, now added to my favorites.

  EJgull 17:48 01 Jan 2003

ignore the whingers and post your link if you want. Most people dont mind.

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