my 70 year old parents want advise on which laptop

  redkat 16:04 29 Oct 2009

my 70 year old parents want advise on which laptop is best for them, they are complete beginners. they want to be able to access the internet, emails and be able to use webcam to speak to their 10 year old grandson in England

Can you help please, dont really want to spend to much probably about 400 pounds


  tullie 17:07 29 Oct 2009

A bog standard laptop would suite their purpose,last time i looked,for less than the price you quoted.I think most laptops may have a webcam built in,check first.

  mooly 19:09 29 Oct 2009

They might like a larger screen like a 17" although that limits choice dramatically.

  VOT Productions 19:18 29 Oct 2009

A netbook is cheap and fits here

Downside is nearly all 3D games will not work or editing in Photoshop CS4, CS3 or CS2

  tullie 19:51 29 Oct 2009

Being elderly they may have problems with screen size on a netbook.

  Forum Editor 23:15 29 Oct 2009

for computing beginners in their 70's.

My experience of teaching complete novices is that they either hit the ground running, and pick it up pretty quickly, or they're daunted by the technology, and the strangeness of it all, and they rapidly give it up. As a general rule the older you get the harder it is to learn new skills.My advice would be to go for the best 17" machine you can afford. If that limits you to around £400 you could do a lot worse than this:-

click here

  birdface 10:49 30 Oct 2009

Better getting them a desktop Very hard to get used to a Touchpad on laptops and it would be a nightmare for beginners at their age.
So something with a mouse and keyboard would be advantageous.

  birdface 10:57 30 Oct 2009

Hmm just noticed the addition of a wireless mouse with the FE's selection I have never used one but that would solve the problem.
I would recommend the use of a mouse with their computer.
That one was showing Vista maybe see if you can get the same one with Windows7 on it,

  iscanut 11:20 30 Oct 2009

I have always used Samsungs and purchased from here click here
Some have very nice 17" screens ( as mine does ) but check for Windows 7 availability rather than Vista. Go for a Notebook, NOT Netbook as already mentioned earlier.

  amonra 15:57 30 Oct 2009

Must they really have a laptop or is it just what they have heard? Lappies can be a bit delicate if accidentally dropped from an armchair. An earlier post was asking advice on a suitable desktop, have a read of that. Some of us oldies find touchpads a bit dodgy, give me a mouse any day!

  sunnystaines 03:32 31 Oct 2009

use of a mouse, a touch pad may be awkward if they have a tremor, or stiff fingers.

big screen as their eyesight may be poor

decent inbuilt speakers as their hearing may be poor.

a "centrino" for easy connection of wifi.

one that is knock resistant in case they have fall from their laps.

slash resistant keyboard in case they spill their tetly.

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