my 56k connection keeps cutting out

  square eyes 11:09 27 Dec 2006


We had a storm here a while ago and the phones went down for 3 weeks, BT have all the phones up again but realized the modem didnt work after, i have now replaced that, but have a problem with it cutting out after anything from 1 to 15 minutes. Sometimes it only connects at 10kbps but usauly at 45kbps. Im trying to download ZA update and i have to restart everytime when the connection goes. Our phone line is a bit dodgy with crackly noises but that's an issue with BT.

Is there a way i can stabilize the connection and prevent it from disconnecting on its own?

Any ideas appreciated Thanks

  terryf 11:13 27 Dec 2006

I think that you need to resolve the phone line problems first click here to see info about 'quiet line tests'

  wotbus@ 12:09 27 Dec 2006

It is possible your modem has been zapped, the same time as the lines going down, and is no longer stable. PCI dial up modems are cheap enough but see if you can borrow one to check out your own. If the phone lines still have interference then terryf has the answer and that's most likely the problem. Anyone else in your neighbourhood with the same problem?

  square eyes 16:41 27 Dec 2006

Thanks for your coments.

Ive decided the crackling is only to do with the cordless phone and not to do with the line.

Yes the modem was zapped but ive replaced the modem and have ended up with a dodgy connection, Ive installed the driver that came with the modem.

I remember this happening before with this computer but cannot remember how i sorted it. Could it be to do with "windows update"?
Maybe spyware?

I didn't uninstall the old driver when installing the new modem, maybe i should try uninstalling and then trying again.
Im working on it now.

Is there a site that recommends settings for a 56k modem?

Any more ideas thanks.

  square eyes 17:41 27 Dec 2006

With modem speaker enabled i can hear the modem attempt to connect several times and sometimes only once. You know what i mean, the sequence of tones starts to repeat itself and when this happens it connects at an appauling spped like under 30 kbps and only last for 1 minute until disconect

  Stuartli 18:05 27 Dec 2006

A couple of points. Make sure that the Country is set to UK in the modem configuration and check whether the phone line is being used for 1571 BT messages services (undeleted messages create an unstable dialling tone).

  woodchip 18:16 27 Dec 2006

Only read your first post, and would say that others have said what I am about to say.

With Dial-Up your Phone should not crackle, If it does then BT are obligated to put it right. You will not do anything with you Modem until the Line fault is Corrected

  square eyes 18:43 27 Dec 2006

No country was selected as dialing rules was not enabled, ive now enabled it and selected uk.
The modem i bought was "Component center V92 PCI modem"

I just managed to connect for 12 minutes then cut out, very in-consistant. The computer is a Packard Bell Imedia 5046, its my mother's, im trying to get her to sign up for BB as that (at least for me) has been much less problematic than 56k.

Thanks for help guys, im fed up with it now, might just call the premium rate number

As i said before the line IS ok, it was just the cordless phone that was crackling

  square eyes 11:27 28 Dec 2006

Hi again,

Can anyone recommend a premium rate number that specializes in modems that speak in english?
Im reluctant to go that route but im running out of options.

Im still having problems with it disconnecting after 1 or 2 minutes and only have 2 days to fix it for my mum.

Ive used the driver that came with the modem and am trying to download the latest driver from "sitecom" but as its 5 meg i cant finish the download.

Any ideas please?


  square eyes 17:29 28 Dec 2006


I'm pleased to say i can tick resolved. I believe it was Avast that was causing the problem. It showed a problem when trying to update itself which i overlooked. Just didn't think for a minute it would cause the modem to shut off?!?!? I have reinstalled a fresh copy of avast.


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