my 40 gb hardrive has shrunk

  holly polly 14:31 08 Jun 2003

got rid of xp by fdisk ,created primary partition and installed windows me clean installation no problem ,though now in my computor says it is a 4 gb hardrive when iknow for certain it is 40 gb,a friend told me i proberly need a bios update because it cant recognise the full drive, is this true ?plus is there a way to find out the make of my harddrive and sound card so i can get the latest drivers?

  jazzypop 14:40 08 Jun 2003

click here for a toolthat will tell you all about your system.

What does the BIOS say about the size of your hard drive?

Have you laded the correct motherboard drivers (e.g. VIA 4-in-1)?

Did you enable large disk support when you used fdisk? See click here for more info

  Diemmess 17:51 08 Jun 2003

Just for fun

Try booting from your floppy and run FDISK, but only as far as fact finding goes.........I think it is option 4 (Partition information)....I suspect you will find that you have a Primary active partition at c: which is 4GB and the rest is not allocated.

If this is so, you might get away with creating an extended DOS partition in the rest of the 36GB but done this way is brutal DOS stuff and safer if done with Partition Magic. (No risk to Windows ME.)

  holly polly 20:35 08 Jun 2003

right got my me boot up disk,went back into fdisk still says there is one primary partition{1} size 4112 m its wrong i know irs wrong ,this is really really doin my ead in i originally had xp pro on system ,caused me no end of problems ,so i decided to revert back to me ,as me is fat 32 and xp is ntfs i had to use my me floppy boot disk ,this i did booted with boot disk ,page came up saying as your hardrive is larger than 512 kb blah ,blah ,blah do you want to enable large disk support ? i clicked yes ,i then removed all non dos partitions rebooted ,created primary dos partition this when done came up at 4 gig not 40 gig as it should have done,i then formatted c:drive and imnstalled me ,my adsl now runs like magic ,but can somebody please please please please tell me ,where is my other 36 gig ? have i done everything right?

  jazzypop 21:57 08 Jun 2003

I suspect the other 36GB is being taken up by the NTFS partition, which can not be 'seen' by a WinME boot disk. See click here for a solution. Be aware that this will wipe everything on your drive, including your current ME setup.

Another option would be to buy the latest version of Partition Magic, which I believe can handle NTFS and FAT32 formats

  Ironman556 00:29 11 Jun 2003

You shoudl be able to format again with the bootdisk modified for XP from click here The FDisk on the XP bootdisk will see any remaining NTFS partitions as Non-DOS.

All you have to do is run FDisk then delete ALL non-DOS partitions. Reboot and run fdisk again and you should be able to turn the unformatted disk space into Fat32 format.

The easiest way to do it would be to use partition magic, or to wipe the hard drive fully again, then create one partition taking up the whole drive and re-install Win ME. - You must enable large disk support when Fdisk asks you.

you can also select how much space you want to format on the drive. Maybe a "0" accidentally got deleted off the end when formatting? That would take 40 gb down to 4 gb.

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