My 256mb ddr ram wont work.128sd does?!?!

  Andy 999 11:06 24 Apr 2003

hi everyone again, 2 problems at the same time?*sigh*

OK, my dad took out the 256mb ddr ram stick i have in my computer thinking that i wouldnt be able to use it while he was at work lol.So, i woke up and just shoved my sisters 128sd ram stick in it and pulled out the row of jumpers you need for ddr (k7ama). The funny thing is he spent 30mins at it, it took me 5...

But, i have got the 256 back after he realised i was on it their wasnt much point in keeping it.So, i turned the computer off,put the jumpers back in and took the 128 out and put the 256 back in a ddr slot.It loaded up the first time but now it doesnt get past the bios to load up windows.I made sure the jumpers are in.If the ram stcik was broken then it wouldnt be able to load the bios and does a weird 'beep' pattern.I have now put the 128 back in and its running to slow and is the bottle neck running xp.please help me

  vaughan007 11:14 24 Apr 2003

It does actually sound like you could have broken RAM. Either that or the jumpers are damaged. Can you get access to another PC?

Try your DDR RAM in another PC or some differenct DDR RAM in your PC.

Sorry I cant help more. But this is all I can think of.

  Andy 999 11:20 24 Apr 2003

umm ill check teh jumper im sure it must be them then.

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