My 12v Voltage exceed the limits.

  lixdexik 20:40 06 Sep 2005

That’s the warning I am getting from my hardware doctor programme. The High Limit is 13v and it is showing 13.02v intermittently and displaying a warning and an annoying bleep every time I open a programme.

I also have noticed at the boot screen that the 12volt reading is at 12.96.

What is the cause of this….is it/will it be A problem?

My power unit is new, it came installed in the box.
It is a COLORS silent power 400w.

Your thoughts please.

Cheers Lixdexik.

  Gongoozler 20:48 06 Sep 2005

If you have, or can borrow, a multimeter you can measure the 12V on a spare drive power connector. If you measure the volts between either of the centre two pins and one outside pin, you will be measuring either the 5V or the 12V supply. The limit for the supplies is generally 10%, so the 12V could be 13.2V, so yours is just inside this limit. It is unusual for a power supply to be so near the limit, but as far as the manufacturer is concerned this is probably not a warranty issue. The 12V is used to power the drive motors. Bing this high may cause the drives to run a little hotter th

  Gongoozler 20:54 06 Sep 2005

Sorry about the abrupt end to my post - my thumb caught a key (I don't know which) and caused the post to send!

As I was saying - the drive may run a little hotter than it would at 12V, but I doubt that it would be seriously so.

The bleeping could be from a BIOS temperature monitor in which case you may be able to widen the limit there, or it could be a software monitor, and that will have a limit control. If it was my computer though I would certainly be happier to have the voltage nearer the nominal.

  lixdexik 20:59 06 Sep 2005

I had a problem once before with a cheap power supply that came with a case. It fried 3 HDDs before I found out what the problem was. I think I will change the power unit for a better one. Any thoughts on make or model?.

I bought a Q-Tec 400w unit last week from maplins for my other machine. Are they good, bad or indifferent.?

Cheers Lixdexik.

  Gongoozler 21:05 06 Sep 2005

Hi lixdexik. I installed a 400w Q-Tec in a computer for a friend about 2 years ago and it is working fine. In my computer I have a cheap 400w Ebuyer supply that has been there for over a year with no problems. I'm quite certain that other forum members can recommend more up-market supplies though.

  Skills 21:09 06 Sep 2005

I recently purchase an antec truepower 380watts from ebuyer came in at the 30quid mark with delievery you can find it click here

  lixdexik 21:34 06 Sep 2005

I'll look into a new PSU, I'll Need to earn a few Brownie points first though.

Thanks again..Lixdexik.

  woodchip 21:41 06 Sep 2005

Antec seem to do good PSU's But the one I bought is what you have but bigger a 550watt

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