mx440 settings

  dfghjkl 19:41 16 Jul 2003

i have finaly fitted my graphics card,not sure how but it is not freezing is it best set up?i am a bit confused about antialiasing,antisotropic filtering,texture sharpening and texel alignment settings etc i have them set to default at the moment,i mainly use pc for internet and realplayer,wmp ,quick time,and the kids play the odd game,system is amd 1400,288 mem,19"monitor

  Willow12 23:23 16 Jul 2003

If you are unsure then you can't go wrong in sticking with the defaults.

If, however, you are determined to change them then just put 'mx440 settings' in a Google search and you should come up with a few ideas as to which ones are safe to change. Be carefull though and if you are not sure then don't change it, the defaults are there for good reason!

  User-312386 23:24 16 Jul 2003

leave them as default or you could get into a right mess

  Terrahawk 23:57 16 Jul 2003

just leave it at default keep the drivers up to date and you should be ok for any thing you throw at it looking at your post it doesnt look as though you are going to cane it latest drivers available from click here

  King Diamond 00:06 17 Jul 2003

There is a reset option there as well and the only way to find things out is to play about with them. Do the internet search and understand what each are, then tinker about and see what happens. You won't blow up your pc and if all else fails, just reset the settings to default.

antialiasing - this helps reduce jaggy edges on images.

antisotropic - Anisotropic filtering is a type of texture filtering separate and complimentary to bilinear/trilinear filtering.

If you are staring directly at a wall perfectly flat in front of you, you are seeing things properly filtered using bilinear or trilinear filtering. However, if you are looking at something at an angle, for instance the ground, the sampling from bilinear or trilinear still samples as if you were staring at a flat wall directly in front of you, based solely on the space it occupies on your monitor. If the ground is at an angle on your screen, anisotropic filters based on that angle. It works on the space the object occupies in the 3D scene.

I put an mmx440 in my kids P3 machine with 512sdram, set antialiasing x2 and have no problems at all. They play Sims games, music with media player 9 and share internet with me. Their graphics are easily good enough for their requirements.

A handy thing to remember about monitors and images is to get as much info on your screen as possible, saves a lot of scrolling. I have mine set at 1280x960, and it gives me a great view, saves a lot of scrolling about, especially good with a 19" monitor like yours.

What is the refresh rate of your monitor? Have it set at the very least 75hz, preferably more if possible.

  dfghjkl 20:07 17 Jul 2003

thanks for all for advice,i am currently set at 60hertz i guess that is default setting for monitor,it is set at 1024 x 768 res i shall have to play,i have had to remove mx440,back to o\b i think it overheated,it was after several hours moderate use,i only have a 250 watt psu so that might also have contributed,

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