Muting/ unmuting cd volume automatically in XP Pro

  refrigeratorcar 00:34 25 Aug 2003

In my volume control, I have a control for cd player and one for cd 3. I have found that when the sound is unmuted on these two controls you get a strange clicking sound from the speakers. I assume that this is actually the sound of the drive ticking over, somehow amplified to the speakers. As the cd music I play seems to come through the wave volume control, I keep these other two muted all the time as the noise is quite annoying to me. However, sometimes when I restart XP or startup, the noise returns. When I check if they are still muted, they are, but by unmutung and re-muting the cd 3 control, the noise dissappears again. OK, a minor hassle but if anyone has any ideas i'd be grateful. The cd 3 control doesn't apparently apply to any drive I have, and having got rid of it the noise still returns. Then I had to re-enable the control and mute it again. Maybe there is a way to run a script on startup to unmute then remute the control for me?
thanks in advance.

  DieSse 01:27 25 Aug 2003

As well as muting the sound - turn it right down to zero volume - rthis may help.

If your CD doesn't have a separate audio cable - these inputs are not used anyway.

  refrigeratorcar 10:22 25 Aug 2003

mmm yes, tried that. Should have been more specific about the kit involved. Its a Dell Inspiron 8200 2.2Ghz P4-M. The CD drive is a CD-Rom/DVD Combo.
Even if the volume is right down it still comes through and the input hs to be unmuted and then remuted again. I think a script to run on startup is probably the only thing that can help me but I have no idea how to create one for this task.

  DieSse 10:25 25 Aug 2003

You could also look to see if there is an audio cable - and try with it removed. In case you don't know what to look for, it's a very thin round cable from the CD drive to the sound card or motherboard.

  refrigeratorcar 12:12 02 Sep 2003

Mmmm.. yeah, well as I said its a Dell Inspiron. A laptop. (P4 Mobile chip.) I'm certain i'm looking for a software solution.

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