Mustek 1200UB scanner problems with XP

  Non Welsh Local 08:42 24 Feb 2003

I have a Mustek 1200 UB scanner which worked fine with Windows 98 but now I have a new computer with XP Home it doesn't work. I've downloaded the new drivers from the Mustek website but still no good. The computer recognises the new hardware but it will not work. I'm sure it is a software problem rather than hardware.

Any ideas? Thanks.

  Rtus 08:54 24 Feb 2003

Are the drivers you downloaded the Win 2000 ones? This is what I used in the Xp trial I did .As the standard version (w98) I couldnt get it to be recognised in control panel to set it up .But I forget how I got around it in the end .But to be honest I was only experimenting with it (along with speedos) that stayed but Xp got the boot)I consequently returned to my favourite O/S W98se..

  AndySD 09:00 24 Feb 2003

Try Removeing the Scanner from Start/Printers and in Add/Remove Programs remove any Mustek software...Turn off the PC (DO not Restart) and unplug the scanner from the PC. Start the pc and run the Mustek plug in the scanner to the PC.

  Octoz 13:12 24 Feb 2003

Not much help, just empathy.
I have a Packard Bell Diamond 1200 which I believe is the same model. I recently installed Win2k as a clean install. Everything was fine until I attempted to install the drivers for the scanner. I downloaded latest drivers win2k refused to boot. I installed the drivers from disk. win2k refused to nboot even in safe mode. gave up in the end, I love 98SE.

  Non Welsh Local 13:54 24 Feb 2003


Thanks for the replies but still no gooda. I can run a scanner test from Control Panel and it states the scanner is working OK but nothing happens. I tried what you suggested AndySD but still the same I'm afraid. Oh well, I guess I'll just have to take photos with the digital camera instead unless anyone else has any ideas?

  Rtus 16:41 24 Feb 2003

Are you selecting scanner as source when attempting scan I know with Xp it kept reverting to the Digi cam I had (that got slung Too)utter rubbish pics)) I found its default was the camera.So had to set it each time before use.

  peesee 18:15 21 Oct 2005

I have tried most user forums and various well meaning suggestions but I am on the point of getting rid of XP2 cause then it works!
However as I have automatic updates the PC puts XP2 back in and I loose my scanner again. WHY can't this be sorted by the makers.

  jimv7 18:32 21 Oct 2005

There is a hack with some scanners of editing the registry and changing xp to win 2000, load the drivers then revert the reg sttings back to xp. i can't remember the settings but someone else might.

  jack 19:42 21 Oct 2005

This topic has been covered well in other posts, sine XP came along.
Some scanners fronm the 98 era do not translate
tp XP because a scanner has it own firmware[processor if you will] that looks after
the scan tracking, resolution and all that.
These cheaper scanners had this firmware that will only read DOS[95/8/ME] commands. I friend had a Mustek Bearpaw with the same problem - 98 to 2000
The driver download consisted of no less than 12 E-mails each with a 1.5 Mb attachment, which were required to be put together and installed in certain fashion - it still did not work. He went out and got himself an XP complient scanner - Looks like this is what you may wind up doing .
But look on the bright side - Christmas is coming -Someone may take pity on you.

  nagsman 20:23 21 Oct 2005

I have a Mustek 1200UB scanner and run Windows XP and had the same problem but after downloading the driver for XP on there web site every thing works ok, so I would go to there site and give it a go, you have nothing to lose.n

  nutty norm 17:20 29 May 2006

I will try everything that was suggested

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