Must have a virus but can't identify it.

  alcudia 08:29 29 Sep 2003

At the weekend I tried to run a routine full system scan with Norton AV2003. The process ran for only approx 20 seconds before stopping, leaving the PC unresponsive and unstable. I rebooted and tried again, and the same thing happened. I was by now a bit suspicious, so rebooted again and ran Stinger. The same thing happened.

I suspect that I have picked something up that is clever enough to stop itself from being identified, but have no idea what. The only difference I have noticed is that, although the PC apparantly shuts down perfectly correctly every time, when I start it again it reports an incorrect shutdown and runs Scandisk. Everything else seems ok (so far).

I have Norton AV and Firewall (both up to date) and AdAware, Spybot and Spywareblaster.

I would be grateful if anyone who recognises these symptoms could offer advice. It's not really a big deal because I intend to wipe this machine (running ME) over the Xmas break and Install XP Pro.

Many thanks.

  -pops- 09:17 29 Sep 2003

As you are on ME, have you tried a system restore?

  alcudia 09:33 29 Sep 2003

Disabled this a while back because of another problem. Stupidly forgot to reinstate it.

  dth 09:33 29 Sep 2003

You have all the right 'bits' on your p/c - a/v, firewall etc - so I wonder whether rather than a virus it is perhaps the Norton a/v program that is causing the problem. It might be worth uninstalling and then reinstalling.

  alcudia 09:44 29 Sep 2003

Thanks, I had considered this, but it does not really account for the same problem with Stinger.

I did not mention earlier, that the previous evening 19 year old offspring had been using the net. He finally admitted that he received firewall warnings about malicious scripts while viewing one site. He is certain that he blocked them, but who knows. But, it's the ones you don't get warned about that cause problems.

  DieSse 09:47 29 Sep 2003

Sounds to me more like a hard disk problem than a virus - I suggest you run a "Thorough" hard drive scan, possibly in safe mode to prevent interruptions form Norton et al.

  Belatucadrus 09:52 29 Sep 2003

Try click here avast! Virus Cleaner is a free Stinger alternative, if it is a virus maybe it isn't set to block this. You could also try click here Panda online scan or click here Microworlds Free eScan Antivirus toolkit an on demand scanner only, but also picks up spyware, dialers keyloggers and other bits.

  alcudia 09:58 29 Sep 2003

Thanks for that. I have just got Avast and will try it tonight.


I will also run scan disc as you suggest.

  dgray 10:21 29 Sep 2003

I have had almost exactly your problem for a few weeks but I noticed that it always ground to a halt in the same directory so last night I copied the contents of the directory to CD, deleted the diectory (sorry folder - showing my age) and now Norton AV works again. Scandisk found no problem but there must have been something about one of the files that Norton didn't like!

  alcudia 10:57 29 Sep 2003

I think you have it. It stops at C:\Windows\Options\Cabs.
I will try what you suggest.

Can't remember where Stinger gave up.

Does this explain the boot problem though?

Thanks for the tip.

  vaughan007 13:52 29 Sep 2003

Am I not reading the thread properly, I cant see any mention of a boot problem...

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