musicmatchjukebox..the wrong order ???

  thisisnighthawk 15:02 28 Feb 2004

hi, can someone help, i am using the above to record a cd, to put into a MP3 player, now for the problem, when it has finshed ripping the CD, all the tracks are not as they are on the CD, it puts them in alphabetical order, and when it is the soundtrack of a film, it all becomes a pigs ear.. any ideas...thanks

  SEASHANTY 15:57 28 Feb 2004

Can you not drag and drop them from the MY LIBRARY - ALL TRACKS BY TITLE into a selected PLAYLIST by selecting them to play in the order you want?

  Curio 17:12 28 Feb 2004

Had the same problem myself some time ago. Found the answer in MusicMatches own help files. Tried to find it again but could not locate. Since upgrading to the latest version (8.2) my own Library has reverted to Alphabetical listing also, but once converted to mp3 and transferred to my Creative Jukebox from Hard Drive, they play as originally set out on the Audio CD. This may be because they are not burnt to CD(R).
Maybe an upgrade in your player will resolve this, but if you go into Musicmatch help, you can get to their Technical dept and pose your question and get a reply in 24 hours. Hope this may be of some help. keep us posted.

  thisisnighthawk 20:06 28 Feb 2004

thank you both for the help, i suppose the trouble is that the CD i have is a copy, but i will get in touch with musicmatch, i will let you know the outcome.. thanks again

  alB 20:36 28 Feb 2004

I had this problem myself and if I can remember correctly, before you start to rip your tracks, go to Options/settings, choose the recorder tab and click "Tracks Directory", in the "Name track file using" section put a tick in the "Track number" box and click the OK's, I think that's how I did it, can't help on the soundtrack of a film bit, maybe someone else can jump in...alB

  thisisnighthawk 11:34 29 Feb 2004

thank for that, just going to have a look..

  thisisnighthawk 12:25 29 Feb 2004

nice one, it worked...thanks..

  SEASHANTY 13:22 29 Feb 2004

Is the version 8.2 you have upgraded to still the free version or was it the extra features paid for
programme. Using the free version here which is version 8.0 and it sure is an excellent MP3 bundle of tricks.

  Curio 14:36 29 Feb 2004

My update is the paid up version, purchased some time ago but every upgrade free. I think I started out on version 6.

  SEASHANTY 19:39 29 Feb 2004

Thanks Curio. One of these days I might subscribe to Paypal. Its not the cost of the upgrade but the sheer awkwardness of how to pay it. My bank would
transfer in dollars but want £20 or so for the privilege - more than the cost of the upgrade.

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