rotormota 21:58 23 Mar 2003

My MusicMatch Jukebox insists on displaying the internet dial up connect box whenever I want to use it.

I think this started when I upgraded MMJB because it has not always done this.

It's annoying because the player will not appear until I have cancelled the connection box.

Can I turn off this frustrating element? Any ideas?


  tbh72 01:01 24 Mar 2003

It connects to the internet for purposes of CDDB, this is an online data base of ALL music, with the exception of one or two. Pop in a CD, and it display's the title & track info etc

  rotormota 06:20 24 Mar 2003

So can I turn it off?


  BurrWalnut 07:50 24 Mar 2003

No, I don't think you can.

Also, I've noticed that the newer version 7 no longer allows "line-in" recording.

  rotormota 10:04 30 Mar 2003

Burr, I believe I have resolved my own problem! If you wish to stop the internet connection box appearing each time MMJB is clicked, go into options/settings/general tab & tick periodically check for updated versions of MMJB.

Seems to do the job as it only checks when you are online doing other stuff.


  BurrWalnut 16:17 31 Mar 2003


Thanks, I had this unticked as I thought unticked implied "Don't ever check for updated versions".

  BurrWalnut 16:19 31 Mar 2003


Apologies for spelling your name wrongly in the previous post.

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