Musicmatch doesn't see ipod

  Non Welsh Local 08:53 14 Feb 2005

Morning all. I have an "old" ipod, a 10 GB with sw version 1.4 installed. I use Musicmatch for my file transfers (yes I know most prefer itunes but I don't!). Anyway, when I connect my ipod it charges up OK but the Musicmatch does not see it even if I try to refresh the portable device. The Musicmatch version is 7.1 and has worked previously.

I was wondering if some other program I have installed is being kept as the default player or something(?). I have Real Player and Quick Time Player on my pc but after spending hours on this last night I still can't see what is wrong.

Many thanks for any advice.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 09:13 14 Feb 2005
  Non Welsh Local 10:59 14 Feb 2005

I tried that but still no good, it may need a re-install back to original sw and hopefully I won't lose all my music!

  Non Welsh Local 11:26 14 Feb 2005

And I didn't lose any music...

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